BUP secretariat in Uppsala

The Baltic University is coordinated by a secretariat at Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development under the leadership of a programme director. At present the secretariat consists of director, Paula Lindroos and six additional personnel. Contact details at:

The role of the secretariat is to support and promote regional cooperation / contacts between the universities and corresponding institutions of higher learning in the Baltic Sea region. The secretariat administers the economy of the BUP, including the contacts with the funding organizations. The production of courses and course material, including books and film series, are organized from the secretariat in cooperation with the national centres and individual teachers/researchers in the network.

Visiting address:
Department of Earth Sciences (Geocentrum), Villavägen 16, Uppsala.

Postal address:
Baltic University Programme

CSD Uppsala
Villavägen 16
752 36 Uppsala

Phone: +46-18-471 18 40
Fax: +46-18-471 17 89


Contact us

Centre Director

Prof. Lars Emmelin
Tel: +46 455 385 310
e-mail: lars.emmelin@bth.se

National Contact Point

Prof. Lars Emmelin
Tel: +46 455 385 310
e-mail: lars.emmelin@bth.se


Pia Lindahl
Tel: +46 455 385 529
e-mail: pia.lindahl@bth.se



Courses at BTH

European Spatial Planning

Regional Development and Urban Planning

Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability

Sustainable Product-service System Innovation

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