"Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Agriculture"

PhD conference: Integrative approaches to sustainability

International students’ conference: Towards Sustainable Consumption

Maritime Industry, Transport and Logistics in the Baltic Sea Region States

Students' Conference on Stability and Security in the Baltic Sea Region

4th Online Climate Conference

"Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Agriculture", Rogow, Poland, 3-7 June, 2012

BUP teachers conference initiating the new BUP course – Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Agriculture – a common undertaking of close to 80 experts and scientists from the Baltic Sea and Great Lakes regions. Three books, written by prominent experts and scientists from the two regions, are the result of this cooperation. In this series of books they attempt to highlights the importance of an ecosystem approach as regards sustainable agriculture. Series contain:

  • Sustainable Agriculture, editor: Christine Jakobsson
  • Ecology and Animal Health, editors: Leif Norrgren and Jeffrey M. Levengood
  • Rural Development and Land Use, editor: Ingrid Karlsson and Lars Ryden

When:  3-7 June 2012, The conference will start on Sunday, 3rd of June at 17.00 and end on Thursday, 7th of June at 10.00.

Where: Rogow, a didactic-scientific centre belonging to The Warsaw University of Life Science (about 50 km from Lodz, Poland (

Organiser: Agricultural University in Nitra, Slovak Republic, and the Warsaw University of Life Science, Poland, with Assoc. Prof. Alexander Feher and Prof. Jozef Mosiej

Deadline for registration: 21 May 2012

Costs:  Baltic University programme will cover all expenses for the participants in connection with the confernce - travel to and from Warsaw, accommodation, full board, bus trip Warsaw-Rogow-Warsaw and field trip.

Contact:  Agata Kosno, BUP Sweden: agata.kosno[a]

              Maria Hejna, BUP International Secretariat: Maria.Hejna[a]

              BUP Centre in Lodz, Poland: baltlodz[a]

Integrative approaches to sustainability

The 3rd International conference on "Integrative approaches to sustainability" will be held in Jurmala, Latvia on the 27-30 June, 2012. Focus of the conference will be on sustainable development and knowledgebased economies.  

20 PhDs will have the possibility to apply for a participation grant (travel costs, food and accommodation) to participate in the conference.

For more information see:

International students’ conference: Towards Sustainable Consumption

Consumers’ behaviour is key to the impact that society has on the environment. The actions that people take and choices they make – to consume certain products and services or to live in certain ways rather than others – all have direct and indirect impacts on the environment, as well as on personal (and collective) well-being. This is why the topic of ‘sustainable consumption’ has become a central focus for national and international policy.

Sustainability of consumption is considered in economic, environmental and social terms. Sustainable consumption policies increasingly take into account the social and ethical dimensions of products and how they are produced as well as their ecological impacts. Promoting sustainable consumption and production are important aspects of sustainable development, which depends on achieving long-term economic growth that is consistent with environmental and social needs. Promoting sustainable consumption is equally important to limit negative environmental and social externalities as well as to provide markets for sustainable products.

This year Baltic University Programme ( organises a Student Conference on the topic of Sustainable Consumption. Why do we consume in the ways that we do? What factors shape and constrain our choices and actions? Why (and when) do people behave in pro-environmental or pro-social ways? How can we encourage, motivate and facilitate more sustainable attitudes, behaviours and lifestyles?

When: 18th April 17.00 - 22nd April 11.00

Where: The Warsaw University of Life Science, Rogow, Poland

Deadline for registration: March 10th

Deadline for application for travel grants: March 29th.

For more information click here

Contact Agata Kosno, if you are interested in participating in the conference.

Maritime Industry, Transport and Logistics in the Baltic Sea Region States

You are invited to take part in the X International Conference “Maritime industry, transport and logistics in the Baltic Sea Region states”, that will be held on 29 – 31 of May, 2012 in Svetlogorsk, the resort town on the Baltic seaside of Kaliningrad region.

The conference will provide plenary, breakout sessions and round tables. The working languages of the conference are Russian and English.

For more information and application form please see the attachment.

Students' Conference on Stability and Security in the Baltic Sea Region

Deadline for application extended to 8 November.

On the 16-20 November the BUP Student Conference on Stability and Security will take place in Rogow, Poland. The conference lectures, seminars, and discussions will include the following topics:

  • Security in the Baltic Sea Region - a guarantee of stability in Europe
  • Protection of the environment as a security issue
  • Energy security status and perspectives in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Security of oil shipments in the Baltic Sea
  • Organized crime, trafficking and narcotics smuggling

BUP national centres are waiting for your application including a letter of motivation.

For more information see Rogow Student Conference or contact Agata Kosno.

4th Online Climate Conference

The 4th on-line Climate Conference deals with Climate Change and Disasters Management.

Climate 2011, the 4th on-line Climate Conference, deals with the topic of "Climate Change and Disasters Management". A set of scientific papers and chats around this important issue will be available from the 7th to 12th November 2011. Participation at the on-line event, organised by the International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP) in cooperation with key agencies such as UNEP, UNESCO, WMO, GIZ, IDRC, ICIMOD, UNITAR and many others, is free of charges and offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into a matter of great concern to both industrialised and developing nations.

Take part at the event:



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