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BUP Sweden meeting, 8 March

The BUP Sweden meeting ended in interesting discussions and the National Centre got good feed-back from the participating universities. An issue that was discussed was the future focus areas and working methods for the Swedish BUP network.

The meeting turned out successful and resulted in among others a decision that we would from now on have one physical meeting per year and one virtual meeting.

Presentations and agenda:

 Agenda 8 mars

Track-reckord och framtidsutsikter, Paula Lindroos

BUP Sweden - första året som nationellt center och fokus 2012, Lars Emmelin

Kalendarium 2012,

BUP ur en students perspektiv, Anna Ruban 

Current issues

BUP member fee

Currently Baltic University Programme is discussing the possibility of creating a BUP member fee. How big should this fee be? Should all universities pay the same amount? Should we have a fee at all or is it better as it is?

Send in your comments to BUP Sweden.

How do we raise the interest for BUP courses among our students?

Many Swedish universities lift the problem of a declining interest among students to participate in BUP courses. What do you think is the root of this decline? How should it be approached? Have you had experience working with this challange and have ideas that you would like to share with the Swedish BUP network?

Send in your comments to BUP Sweden.

How do we strengthen the interest for Baltic University Programme among our colleagues?

Some of the BUP contact persons at Swedish universities raise the issue of a declining interest in the network amongst their colleagues. How should this problem be addressed? What can BTH as Swedish NC do to support you? Share your thoughts and experience with the Swedish BUP network.

Send in your comments to BUP Sweden.


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