Student Health Service

All students at Blekinge Institute of Technology have access to the Student Health Service. If you have any issues or problems in connection to your studies or to your health, you are welcome to contact the Student Health Service. The staff at the Student Health service works primarily with problems that are related to your studies and we are governed by professional secrecy.

When you need to consult a doctor please turn to the public or private clinics in Blekinge.

NOTE! Since we can not guarantee the confidentiality of e-mail we advise you not to enter personal information in the mail. We can for the same reason not give personal advice via email.


You can contact me for health related issues and lifestyle questions. 

Anna Holmgren   0455-385079

Karlskrona : Open reception Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10-11.45 or by appointment.

in Karlshamn: Tuesdays by appointment.

The Swedish healthcare system recommends that individuals treat minor health problems on their own through the purchase of non-prescription drugs and medications, which can be bought at your local pharmacy. At the pharmacy, you can receive help and advice regarding your health problem. Nurses at your local Vårdcentral also offer assistance and treatment.

If you are uncertain about what to do you are welcome to pay us a visit at Studenthälsan (the Student Health Sevice).


Our counselor Mariana Sahlström is available for advice, problem solving or short-term therapy. We prefer that you make an appointment if you wish to meet our counselor., 0455-385077


Discrimination or harassment.

The Swedish law “ Diskrimineringslagen”, the Discrimination act,  is aimed against discrimination because of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. It can be a matter of direct discrimination, indirect discrimination ,or harassment.

BTH has a program for equal treatment of all our students and staff. If you feel you are being discriminated or harassed in any way , you are welcome to contact the Student Health Care for advice and support


The student chaplain

The study period is an important time in life. It is perhaps the first time outside your hometown or country. You will meet new friends and broaden your perspectives. Shaped by new experiences and knowledge we grow as individuals.


The life of study also puts high requirements on us, and sometimes raises doubts about one’s career choice and future. If that is the case, turning to someone for help or advice could very well turn out to be a good idea!


As student chaplain I am present at campus for you, to listen and talk with. There's no key to life, but maybe we can work it out together, whatever your concerns may be, and solve some of those thoughts and questions?


I'm here to support and assist all students and staff at BTH. All are welcome with their appointment: regardless of nationality, identity, credits, and regardless if you consider yourself a believer or atheist. I practice professional secrecy!


Luka Vestergaard





Pastor in karlskrona

What are your challenges, problems and issues that are bothering you? Be assured that you are not alon,nevertheless some other people have tread that same or similar road before you. It is important to share your situation especially with people who have spiritual insight."Remember a problem shared is half solved".Feel free to come in, your discussions will be treated with highest level of confidentiality.

You are always welcome to talk with me regardless of your gender, believe or nationality whenever you need to talk to someone, I will surely make out the time for you even outside working hours in case of urgency.

God bless you!

Contact Pastor Taiwo Ajayi  directly on +46735675357 or send an email to


If you need a doctor consultation

Monday -Friday between 8 am - 5 pm please call your local doctor (Vårdcentral)

Monday - Friday after 5 pm untill 8 am call 1177

Saturday and Sundays all hours call 1177

 In case of emergency call 112


Vårdcentral (local doctor) in Karlskrona

Wämö vårdcentral                                                       0455-73 54 30

Kungsmarkens vårdcentral (Precare)                       0455-61 94 00

Trossö vårdcentral                                                      0455-73 57 55

Hälsohuset för Alla                                                      0455-35 55 00


Vårdcentral (local doctor) in Ronneby

Capio  citykliniken                                                   0457-340 70

For students that lives on Folkparksvägen.

Ronneby Vårdcentral                                              0457- 73 14 00

for  students that lives in Hjorthöjden, Brunnsvillorna.


Care charges for Blekinge, 2015

When you have a Swedish personal number from the tax-office (social security number) you are treated as a Swede. You will pay for doctor's visit or hospital care as all Swedes does. The same goes for dental treatment. See more information below.

Important information!

For students outside EU and who do not have a social security number from the taxoffice,  the hospital will charge SEK 3 000 for a doctors visit and the local doctor (vårdecentral)will charge SEK 1300 or more.

For students with Swedish social security number from the Tax office: 

Going to the doctor in primary care

  • Seeing the local doctor at vårdcentralen (the GP): SEK 150
  • Visiting the accident and emergency Akuten (A&E) or casualty department: SEK 300

Maximum cost ceiling

 The maximum cost ceiling means that you pay no more than SEK 1 100 for healthcare and medical treatment during a twelve-month period. The charges you pay are noted on the high-cost card, which you get at the out-patient department or surgery, or otherwise you can save your receipts.

When you have paid SEK 1 100 you are given a free pass, which is valid for the rest of the twelve-month period´

Regarding prescribed medicine the amount is SEK 2 200 before we can receive a free card.

If you need operation or other treatments in hospital there are no additional costs after you have paid the doctors visit. If you need to be admitted to stay in the hospital you will pay 80 SEK/day (for students' SEK 40/day after 2 weeks in hospital).

If you fail to keep the appointment

If you cannot come to an appointment, you must say so. You must cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, if you fail to come you must pay SEK 250. These charges are not included in the maximum cost ceiling. 

Going to a psychiatrist

  • Going to an out-patient department or psychiatric emergency centre: SEK 150

Telephone services and e-mail services

  • Prescription renewal etc: SEK 60

Actions taken that are not in connection with illness

  • Hourly charge: SEK 1500
  • Basic charge for vaccination: SEK 300
  • Gynecological cell smear test check-up: SEK 120 The hourly charge applies when you do not feel ill and have no symptoms but wish, for instance, to have a general health check-up or when you need a health certificate for studies outside Sweden. 

Vaccination against influenza and pneumonia

Normal charge for vaccination against influenza and pneumonia:

  • Basic charge: SEK 300



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