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Damage prediction for regular reinforced04/23/2014
Two-Dimensional Spectrum for BiSAR Deriv04/23/2014
Fuzzified Clustering and Point Set Conti04/22/2014
fulltextInformation Sources and their Importance04/21/2014
fulltextIn press: An experiment on the effective04/19/2014
Semantic indoor maps04/15/2014
Spatial knowledge creation and sharing a04/15/2014
fulltextSubjective quality assessment of an adap04/15/2014
The turing test track of the 2012 Mario 04/15/2014
fulltextTowards a scalable cloud platform for se04/15/2014
Transmit antenna selection in cognitive 04/15/2014
Using ensembles for web effort estimatio04/15/2014
Integrating biosignals into information 04/14/2014
fulltextMaking social interactions accessible in04/14/2014
Multi-pair amplify-and-forward relaying 04/14/2014
On the performance of cognitive underlay04/14/2014
Opportunistic relaying for cognitive net04/14/2014
fulltextPerformance evaluation and prediction of04/14/2014
Performance evaluation of cauchy reed-so04/14/2014
Performance evaluation of distributed st04/14/2014
Performing materialities: Exploring mixe04/14/2014
Quantifying railway timetable robustness04/14/2014
Quantum technology for analysis and test04/14/2014
Reactive strategy choice in StarCraft by04/14/2014
Scene perception by context-aware domina04/14/2014
fulltextIn Small Chunks or All at Once? User Pre04/13/2014
Implementation of adaptive modulation fo04/08/2014
In press: Innovation determinants over i04/08/2014
Social science universals04/08/2014
In press: Mapping customer needs to engi04/07/2014

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