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fulltextA sensitivity analysis of total cost of 01/15/2015
A long-memory integer-valued time series01/13/2015
In press: Evaluating regional cuts in th01/13/2015
fulltextLärarlärdom Högskolepedagogisk konferens01/12/2015
fulltextBottom(s) up to a top down approach01/09/2015
Inclusive innovation processes – experie01/08/2015
Innovation characteristics of formal man01/08/2015
fulltextPublikationsstatistik för BTH 2008-2013 01/08/2015
fulltextPublikationsstatistik för BTH 2009-2014 01/08/2015
fulltextAdvertising Stories of Second Homes in t01/02/2015
Second homes, legal framework and planni01/02/2015
Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis u01/02/2015
VOICE OF EVIDENCE What Do We Know about 01/02/2015
Wave anisotropy of shear viscosity and e01/02/2015

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