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Communicating, Measuring and Preserving Knowledge in Software DevelopmentJohansson, Conny2000
Comparing the optimal performance of different MIMD multiprocessor architecturesLundberg, Lars; Lennerstad, Håkan1998
Design Patterns as Language ConstructsBosch, Jan1998
Developing a Language for Participation. Project Language as a Meeting Place for Users and Developers in Participatory Software DevelopmentDittrich, Yvonne1998
En samhällsekonomisk utvärdering av VerköprojektetDahlquist, Håkan; Håkansson, Sune1998
Framework Composition : Problems, Causes and SolutionsMattsson, Michael; Bosch, Jan1998
How to make Sense of Software. Interpretability as an Issue for Design.Dittrich, Yvonne1998
An Integrated Structured Analysis Approach to Intelligent Agent CommunicationAkkermans, Hans; Gustavsson, Rune; Ygge, Fredrik1998
Managing Large-Scale Computational MarketsAndersson, Arne; Ygge, Fredrik1998
Market-Oriented Programming and its Application to Power Load ManagementYgge, Fredrik1998
A Multi-Commodity Market Approach to Power Load ManagementYgge, Fredrik; Akkermans, Hans; Andersson, Arne1998
Multi Agent Systems as Open SocietiesGustavsson, Rune1998
NOSA'98 - Proceedings of the First Nordic Workshop on Software ArchitectureBosch, Jan (editor); Hedin, Görel (editor); Koskimies, Kai (editor); Kristensen, Bent Bruun (editor)1998
Object Acquaintance Selection and BindingBosch, Jan1998
On Resource-Oriented Multi-Commodity Market ComputationsYgge, Fredrik; Akkermans, Hans1998
OOSA’98 - ECOOP'98 Workshop on Object-Oriented Software ArchitecturesBosch, Jan (editor); Bachatene, Helene (editor); Hedin, Görel (editor); Koskimies, Kai (editor)1998
Pragmatics of Agent CommunicationAkkermans, Hans; Gustavsson, Rune; Ygge, Fredrik1998
SimICS/sun4m : A Virtual WorkstationMagnusson, Peter S.; Dahlgren, Fredrik; Grahn, Håkan; Karlsson, Magnus; Larsson, Fredrik; Lundholm, Fredrik; Moestedt, Andreas; Nilsson, Jim; Stenström, Per; Werner, Bengt1998
Software Architecture - An Overview of the State-of-the-ArtBosch, Jan (editor)1998
Tillitskrisen - Om tillit, misstro och kontroll i det framväxande informationssamhälletStevrin, Peter1998
Using Recorded Values for Bounding the Minimum Completion Time in MultiprocessorsLundberg, Lars; Lennerstad, Håkan1998
VPPB - A Visualization and Performance Prediction Tool for Multitreaded Solaris ProgramsBroberg, Magnus; Lundberg, Lars; Grahn, Håkan1998
Adapting Object-Oriented ComponentsBosch, Jan1997
Agent Technology in Industrial ApplicationsHägg, Staffan1997
Analysing Traffic Safty from a Case-Based PerspectiveLindh, Jens-Olof1997
Boosting the Performance of Shared Memory MultiprocessorsStenström, Per; Brorsson, Mats; Dahlgren, Fredrik; Grahn, Håkan; Dubois, Michel1997
Bounding the gain of changing the number of memory modules in shared memory multiprocessorsLundberg, Lars; Lennerstad, Håkan1997