Research by subject - Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence

Accurate Adware Detection using Opcode Sequence ExtractionShahzad, Raja Khurram; Lavesson, Niklas; Johnson, Henric
Activity Theory Ontology for Knowledge Sharing in E-healthBai, Guohua; Guo, Yang
Adaptation in a Multi-Agent System Through Semantic AddressingHägg, Staffan
Agent-Based Approaches to Transport LogisticsDavidsson, Paul; Henesey, Lawrence; Ramstedt, Linda; Törnquist, Johanna; Wernstedt, Fredrik
Agent-based simulation of freight transport between geographical zonesHolmgren, Johan; Dahl, Mattias; Davidsson, Paul; Person, Jan A.
Agent-Oriented Programming in Power Distribution Automation : an Architecture, a Language, and their ApplicabilityHägg, Staffan; Ygge, Fredrik
Agent Based Decomposition of Optimization ProblemsHolmgren, Johan; Persson, Jan A.; Davidsson, Paul
Agent Oriented Software Engineering. A Motivation for and an Introduction to a Novel Approach to Modeling and Development of Open Distributed SystemsGustavsson, Rune
Agent Technology in Industrial ApplicationsHägg, Staffan
Agents with powerGustavsson, Rune
Agreement Technologies for Supporting the Planning and Execution of TransportsDavidsson, Paul; Friberger, Marie Gustafsson; Holmgren, Johan; Jacobsson, Andreas; Persson, Jan A.
AMORI: A Metric-based One Rule InducerLavesson, Niklas; Davidsson, Paul
Analysing the effects of governmental control policies in transport chains using micro-level simulationRamstedt, Linda
Analysing Traffic Safty from a Case-Based PerspectiveLindh, Jens-Olof
An Analysis of Agent-Based Approaches to Transport LogisticsDavidsson, Paul; Henesey, Lawrence; Ramstedt, Linda; Törnquist, Johanna; Wernstedt, Fredrik
Analysis of Speed Sign Classification Algorithms Using Shape Based Segmentation of Binary ImagesMuhammad, Azam Sheikh; Lavesson, Niklas; Davidsson, Paul; Nilsson, Mikael
Analysis Of Telematic Systems For Added Value Services In Road-Based Vehicle Freight TransportsMbiydzenyuy, Gideon; Persson, Jan A.; Davidsson, Paul
Analyzing systemic information infrastructure malfunctionMellstrand, Per; Ståhl, Björn
APPrOVE: Application-oriented Validation and Evaluation of Supervised LearnersLavesson, Niklas; Davidsson, Paul
An Architecture for Agent-Oriented Programming with a Programmable Model of InteractionHägg, Staffan; Ygge, Fredrik
Automated Spyware Detection Using End User License AgreementsBoldt, Martin; Jacobsson, Andreas; Lavesson, Niklas; Davidsson, Paul
Autonomous Agents and the Concept of ConceptsDavidsson, Paul
Bio-inspired Metaheuristic based Visual Tracking and Ego-motion EstimationSiddiqui, Rafid; Khatibi, Siamak
A Case Study on Availability of Sensor Data in Agent CooperationJohansson, Christian; Wernstedt, Fredrik; Davidsson, Paul
Characterization and Evaluation of Multi-Agent System Architectural StylesDavidsson, Paul; Johansson, Stefan J.; Svahnberg, Mikael
Classification of Anticipatory SystemsEkdahl, Bertil
Classification of Potentially Unwanted Programs Using Supervised LearningShahzad, Raja Muhammad Khurram
Classifying the Severity of an Acute Coronary Syndrome by Mining Patient DataLavesson, Niklas; Halling, Anders; Freitag, Michael; Odeberg, Jacob; Odeberg, Håkan; Davidsson, Paul
Clustering of Multiple Microarray Experiments Using Information IntegrationKostadinova, Elena; Boeva, Veselka; Lavesson, Niklas
Cognitive and Social Strategies in Teaching ReasoningRolf, Bertil