Research by subject - Human Work Science: Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Accountable interaction. Exploring interactional features of technology in useTap, Hans
Activity System Theory Approach to Healthcare Information SystemBai, Guohua
Ambiguities, Awareness and Economy: A Study of Emergency Service WorkPettersson, Mårten; Randall, Dave; Helgeson, Bo
Ambiguities, Awareness and Economy: A Study of Emergency Service WorkPettersson, Mårten; Randall, Dave; Helgeson, Bo
An approach towards using Agent in Multi-Agent Systems to streamline emergency servicesLundberg, Jenny; Håkansson, Anne
Beskrivning och analys av hanteringen av ett ärende på en SOS-centralHelgeson, Bo; Normark, Maria; Lundberg, Jenny; Pettersson, Mårten; Crabtree, Andy
Brain, Body and Bytes: Psychophysiological User InteractionGirouard, Audrey; Solovey, Erin Treacy; Mandryk, Regan; Tan, Desney; Nacke, Lennart; Jacob, Robert J.K.
A CHAT approach to "networked learning"Sutter, Berthel
Collaborative Learning of UML and SysMLTrapp, Sonja; Ramollari, Ervin; Heintz, Matthias; Weber, Sebastian; Dranidis, Dimitris; Börstler, Jürgen
Combining Research and Teaching in a Net-Based Learning Environment. Experiences from a net-based summer course on everyday IT - use and designEriksén, Sara; Ekelin, Annelie; Elovaara, Pirjo
Configuring awarenessHeath, Christian; Svensson, Marcus Sanchez; Hindmarsh, Jon; Luff, Paul; Lehn, Dirk vom
Constructing Technical Objects: Reconfiguring the sociotechnical divide.Blomberg, Jeanette; Trigg, Randall
Creating OA Information for ResearchersLinde, Peter; Svensson, Aina
Design for Places of CollaborationPetrakou, Alexandra
Design of IT in Use; supportive technologies for public servicesEriksén, Sara
Do you mean here? Points of departure for designTap, Hans
Exploring issues of accountability in design of ICT for public servicesEriksén, Sara; Dittrich, Yvonne
Exploring www and concepts of "genius loci" Eriksén, Sara
From 5 meters to 50 centimetres - Interactional features of a tangible monitoring system for remote hemodialysisTap, Hans
Instant Messaging and Presence ServicesRouchy, Philippe
Instruction at heart. Activity-theoretical studies of learning and development in coronary clinical workSutter, Berthel
Instrumental action: the timely exchange of implements during surgical operationsSvensson, Marcus Sanchez; Heath, Christian; Luff, Paul
Interactional features of a paper-based monitoring systemTap, Hans
Interactional features of a paper-based monitoring systemTap, Hans
Knowing and the art of IT management: an inquiry into work practices in one-stop shopsEriksén, Sara
Learning Objects and Focus Groups on ZingHansson, Thomas
Location, Navigation and Coordination : Studies of Work Practice and TechnologyPettersson, Mårten
Making Methods Work in Software Engineering: Method Deployment - as a Social AchievementRönkkö, Kari
Managing Rejected Ideas from Projects— A Way to Avoid Idea CemeteriesKarlsson, Anna; Törlind, Peter; Johansson, Christian
Manufacturing knowledge: Going from production of things to designing value in useEricson, Åsa; Johansson, Christian; Nergård, Henrik