Research by subject - Mechanical Engineering: General

The 40th Anniversary of the Khokhlov-Zabolotskaya EquationRudenko, Oleg
Acoustic imaging internal microstructure of a packaging materialKao-Walter, Sharon; Levin, M.L.; Petronyuk, J.S.; Walter, Mats
Acoustical measurement accompanying tensile test: new modality for non-destructive testing and characterization of sheet materialsMfoumou, Etienne; Rudenko, Oleg; Hedberg, Claes; Kao-Walter, Sharon
Acoustical Measurements of Material Nonlinearity and Nonequilibrium RecoveryHaller, Kristian
Advancements in package opening simulationsAndreasson, Eskil; Jönsson, Joel
An Analysis of Uncertainty and Robustness of Waterjet Machine Positioning Vision SystemDziak, D. M.; Jachimczyk, B. S.; Kulesza, Wlodek
An approach to assessing sustainability integration in strategic decision systems for product developmentHallstedt, Sophie; Ny, Henrik; Robèrt, Karl-Henrik; Broman, Göran
An Approach to Sustainability Product Analysis in Product DevelopmentByggeth, Sophie; Broman, Göran; Lundqvist, Ulrika; Robèrt, Karl-Henrik; Holmberg, John
Approaching Strategic Sustainable Materials ManagementLindahl, Pia
Approximate symmetries and solutions of the Kompaneets equationIbragimov, Nail H.; Gazizov, Rafail H.
Avoiding Resonant Frequencies in a Pipeline Application by Utilising the Concept Design Analysis MethodKhamuknin, Alexander; Bertoni, Marco; Eres, Hakki Murat
Basics of Nonlinear Time Reversal AcousticsHedberg, Claes
Benefits of a Product Service System Approach for Long-life Products: The Case of Light TubesThompson, Anthony; Ny, Henrik; Lindahl, Pia; Broman, Göran; Severinsson, Mikael
Camera position and presentation scale for infrared night vision system in cars.Schenkman, Bo; Brunnström, Kjell
Capturing Value in Conceptual PSS Design : Perspectives from the Automotive Supply ChainPanarotto, Massimo
Chapter 78 Machine Tool Noise, Vibration and Chatter Prediction and ControlHåkansson, Lars; Johansson, Sven; Claesson, Ingvar
Clarification of sustainability consequences of manufacturing processes in conceptual designHallstedt, Sophie; Isaksson, Ola
Co-creation in complex supply chains: the benefits of a Value driven Design approachBertoni, Marco; Eres, Hakki; Scanlan, Jim
A Comparison of 2-zone and 3-zone Models in Tearing based on Essential Work of FractureKao-Walter, Sharon; Hu, Min; Walter, Mats; Leon, Armando
Computational EngineeringBroman, Göran
Conceptual Design Approach For Mechatronic Systems Controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)Bathelt, Jens; Jönsson, Anders; Bacs, Christian; Kunz, Andreas; Meier, Markus
Constant Strain Frequency Sweep Measurements on Granite RockHaller, Kristian; Hedberg, Claes
Control of the Self-Assembly Processes in a Droplet of a Colloidal Solution by an Acoustic FieldRudenko, Oleg; Stepanov, P. V. Lebedev; Gusev, V. A.; Korobov, A. I.; Korshak, B. A.; Odina, N. I.; Izosimova, M.; Molchanovb, S. P.; Alfimov, M. V.
A crack perpendicular to a bimaterial interface an interface in finite solidChen, S.H.; Wang, Tzuchiang; Kao-Walter, Sharon
Decision Support Approach for Modeling Sustainability Consequences in an Aerospace Value ChainHallstedt, Sophie; Thompson, Anthony; Isaksson, Ola; Larsson, Tobias; Ny, Henrik
Decision Support Tools for Sustainability in Product Innovation in a Few Swedish CompaniesThompson, Anthony; Lindahl, Pia; Hallstedt, Sophie; Ny, Henrik; Broman, Göran
Deformation and Damage Mechanisms in Thin Ductile Polymer FilmsAndreasson, Eskil; Håkansson, Paul; Sandgren, Martin; Jönsson, Joel
Design of a terminal solution for integration of in-home health care devices and services towards the Internet-of-ThingsZheng, Zhibo Pang; Zheng, Lirong; Tian, Junzhe; Kao-Walter, Sharon; Dubrova, Elena; Chen, Qian
Determining Dynamic Characteristics of Bellows by Manipulated Beam Finite Elements of Commercial SoftwareBroman, Göran; Jönsson, Anders; Hermann, Madeleine
Developing PSS Concepts from Traditional Product Sales Situation: The Use of Business Model CanvasWallin, Johanna; Chirumalla, Koteshwar; Thompson, Anthony