Research by subject - Nursing & Caring Sciences: General

ADL capacity and feeling hindered by health problems at 60 years and aboveFagerström, Cecilia; Holst, Göran; Hallberg, Ingalill R
Adolescents with Temporomandibular Disorder Pain - The Living with TMD Pain PhenomenonNilsson, Ing-Marie; List, Thomas; Willman, Ania
Adolescents with TMD Pain - the Living with TMD Pain PhenomenonNilsson, Ing-Marie; List, Thomas; Willman, Ania
Aktuellt kunskapsläge vid kateterspolning - systematisk litteraturgranskningAndersson, Elisabeth; Valdenäs, Stina; Nilsson, Roland; Willman, Ania
Anaesthesia care of older patients as experienced by nurse anaesthetistsLarsson-Mauleon, Annika; Palo-Bengtsson, Liisa; Ekman, Sirkka-Liisa
Analysing management policies for operating room planning using simulationPersson, Marie; Persson, Jan A.
Applied Health Technology – a New Research Discipline at Blekinge Institute of TechnologyOlander, Ewy; Nilsson, Lina
Arbetsmodeller som säkrar sjuksköterskekompetensen-en systematisk litteratursammanställningIslamoska, Julli; Nilsson, Roland; Sjöström, Kerstin; Willman, Ania
Association between Sleep Disturbances and Leisure Activities in the Elderly: A Comparison between Men and Women.Hellström, Amanda; Hellström, Patrik; Willman, Ania; Fagerström, Cecilia
Bias in experimental nursing research: Strategies to improve the quality and explanatory power of nursing scienceBorglin, Gunilla; Richards, David A.
Bridging the communicative gap between a person with dementia and caregivers. A nursing perspectiveHolst, Göran
Can a theory-based educational intervention change nurses' knowledge and attitudes concerning cancer pain management? a quasi-experimental designGustafsson, Markus; Borglin, Gunilla
Can communicative problems between caregivers and patients with severe dementia be bridged by help from a close family member?Holst, Göran; Rennemark, Mikael
Care for the elderly: a challenge in the anaesthesia contextLarsson-Mauleon, Annika
Caregiver singing and background music in dementia careGotell, E; Brown, S; Ekman, Sirkka-Liisa
Case managers for older persons with multi-morbidity and their everyday work -- a focused ethnographyGustafsson, Markus; Kristensson, Jimmie; Holst, Göran; Willman, Ania; Bohman, Doris
Case managers’ experiences of their everyday practiceGustafsson, Markus; Holst, Göran; Kristensson, Jimmie; Willman, Ania; Bohman, Doris
The challenge of giving written thesis feedback to nursing studentsTuvesson, Hanna; Borglin, Gunilla
Challenges of conducting experimental studies within a clinical nursing contextGustafsson, Markus; Bohman, Doris M; Gunilla, Borglin
Clients in focusGarms-Homolová, V; Naiditch, M; Fagerström, Cecilia; Lamoura, G; Melchiorre, C; Gulàcsi, L; Hutchinson, A
Complex Interventions and Nursing: looking through a new lens at nursing researchRichards, David A.; Borglin, Gunilla
Concept analysis: patient autonomy in a caring contextLindberg, Catharina; Fagerström, Cecilia; Sivberg, Bengt; Willman, Ania
Conditions and context of anesthesia nursing care practice. The novice Swedish nurse anesthetist’s conception.Larsson-Mauleon, Annika
Cooperation During Morning Care Between Nurses and Severely Demented Institutionalized PatientsHallberg, Ingalill R; Holst, Göran; Nordmark, Åsa; Edberg, Anna-Karin
Current trends and challenges and how they are dealt with.Genet, N; Garms-Homolova, V; Boerma, W; Ersek, K; Hutchinson, A; Naiditch, M; Lamura, G; Chablicz, S; Gulacsi, L; Fagerström, cecilia
Decreased cognitive functions at the age of 66, as measured by the MMSE, associated with having left working life before the age of 60: Results from the SNAC studyRennemark, Mikael; Berglund, Johan
Determinants and characteristics of help provision for elderly people living at home and in relation to quality of lifeHellström, Ylva
Determinants of Feeling Hindered by Health Problems in Daily Living at 60 Years and AboveFagerström, Cecilia; Persson, Helen; Holst, Göran; Hallberg, Ingalill R
Developing an instrument for evaluating implementation of clinical practice guidelines: a test-retest studyBahtsevani, Christel; Willman, Ania; Khalaf, Azzam; Östman, Margareta
Development of a consultation and teaching concept for leg wound treatment in home health careJönsson, Ann-Marie; Willman, Ania