Research by subject - Technoscience Studies: Feminist Technoscience

Angels in Unstable Sociomaterial Relations: Stories of Information TechnologyElovaara, Pirjo
Attaching People and Technology: Between E and GovernmentMörtberg, Christina; Elovaara, Pirjo
Challenging Canon: The Gender Question in Computer ScienceBjörkman, Christina
Clean and Unclean Facts: Diffractions on Knowledge ProductionTrojer, Lena
Conversation and Figuration from the Horizontality of the 2.0 DecadeGiger, Peter
Design-games and future-making - A technoscientific exploration among Ugandan technology hubsPaxling, Linda
Feminist Sanitary Engineering as a Participatory Alternative in South Africa and SwedenRydhagen, Birgitta
Gender Budgeting, Human Resources, Organisational Culture -Development of MethodsElovaara, Pirjo; Gustavsson, Kerstin; Hallgren, Elin; Paxling, Linda; Trojer, Lena
Gender Research as Knowledge Resource in Technology and EngineeringTrojer, Lena; Lating, Peter Okidi
Gender Research as Knowledge Resource in Technology and EngineeringTrojer, Lena
Heterogeneous hybrids : Information Technology in Texts and PracticesElovaara, Pirjo
In press: Climate Change Adaptation in urban India: The inclusive formulation of local adaptation strategiesJonsson, Anna C; Rydhagen, Birgitta; Wilk, Julie; Feroz, AR; Rani, Ashu; Kumar, Arun
Integration of sustainable development in sanitary engineering education in SwedenRydhagen, Birgitta; Dackman, Carin
Mellan teknik och människor: kunskap och lärande i den kommunala vardagenElovaara, Pirjo; Mörtberg, Christina
Om glappen vi skapar och de märken som blir – materiell-diskursiva praktiker i kommunkontextPetris, Linus de
Re-thinking excellence; getting smart between the no longer and the not yet comments on the convergence of knowledge and politicsGulbrandsen, Elisabeth; Trojer, Lena
The visionary narrative of a feminist and postcolonial technoscientific researcherPaxling, Linda
When society speaks back. Relevance issues for research in cluster contexts in low income countriesTrojer, Lena