Research by subject - Computer Science: Effects on Society

Framework for dynamic life-critical situations using agentsLundberg, Jenny; Håkansson, Anne
From Knowledge Transfer to Situated InnovationDittrich, Yvonne; Eriksén, Sara; Wessels, Bridgette
Från löfte till handling: lägesrapport om e-demokrati i förvandlingEkelin, Annelie
Förvaltning och medborgarskap i förändringLindblad-Gidlund, Katarina (editor); Ekelin, Annelie (editor); Eriksén, Sara (editor); Ranerup, Agneta (editor)
A General Architecture For Developing A Sustainable Elderly Care e-Health SystemBai, Guohua; Guo, Yang
Historical Aspects of PROLOG: Logical Programming and Professional DynamicsRouchy, Philippe
ICT-platform based Distributed Control in electricity grids with a large share of Distributed Energy Resources and Renewable Energy Sources.Pepink, G; Kok, K; Dimeas, E; Hatzpargyrious, N; Hadjsaid, Nouredine; Caire, Rapahel; Gustavsson, Rune; Salass, R; Niesing, J. M.; Akkermans, Hans
ICT PROJECTS - Case Study ReportsBai, Guohua
Identity to Fit the Environment: The Creation of Avatars in Second Life Role-Playing SimsBäcke, Maria
In press: Factors influencing Internet usage in older adults (65 years and above) living in rural and urban SwedenBerner, Jessica; Rennemark, Mikael; Jogreus, Claes; Anderberg, Peter; Sköldunger, Anders; Wahlberg, Maria; Elmståhl, Sölve; Berglund, Johan
Information in use - Aspects of information quality in workflowsBrandt, Patrik
Information in use - In- and outsourcing aspects of digital servicesÖstlund, Louise
Informed System ProtectionMellstrand, Per
Innovative Health Care Channels - Towards Declarative Electronic Decision Support Systems Focusing on Patient Security.Ådahl, Kerstin; Gustavsson, Rune
Integrerade nätverk i hemsjukvården för personer med diabetes (IMIS)
Bai, Guohua
Interacting through avatars: Virtual worlds as a context for online educationPetrakou, Alexandra
Invitation to Dialogue: Feminist Research meets Computer ScienceBjörkman, Christina
An IOT Architecture For Home-based Elderly HealthcareGuo, Yang; Bai, Guohua
It Takes More than Two to TANGO:Co-constructing Situated Accountability through a Local E-Government ArenaEkelin, Annelie
Knowing and the art of IT management: an inquiry into work practices in one-stop shopsEriksén, Sara
KomInDu - A Small Project about Big IssuesEkelin, Annelie; Elovaara, Pirjo; Eriksén, Sara; Dittrich, Yvonne; Hansson, Christina; Landén, Sölve; Larsson, Anita; Olén, Ida; Winter, Jeff
Law, knowledge and mobility in local planningWinter, Jeff
Making an exit in research: ethical and practical implications in a society dependent on sustainabilityEkelin, Annelie; Eriksén, Sara
Measuring players' experience of games and real-time simulationsNacke, Lennart
Mediernas roll i kommunikation och utbildningOlsson, Rose-Marie; Petersson, Jennifer; Svensson, Martin G. A.
Method for quantitative valuation of road freight transport telematic servicesMbiydzenyuy, Gideon; Persson, Jan A.; Davidsson, Paul; Clemedtson, Per Ola
Modeling of Industrial Measurement Systems Considering the Human FactorKulesza, Wlodek; Wirandi, Jenny; Lauber, Alexander
Money Laundering Detection using Synthetic DataLopez-Rojas, Edgar Alonso; Axelsson, Stefan
Multi-Agent-Based Simulation for Analysis of Transport Policy and Infrastructure MeasuresHolmgren, Johan; Ramstedt, Linda; Davidsson, Paul; Persson, Jan A.
Multi-agent Systems in Diabetic Health CareZhang, Peng

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