Research by subject - Human Work Science: Human Computer Interaction

Do you mean here? Points of departure for designTap, Hans
The Effect of Spatial Distortion Distributions on Human Viewing Behaviour when Judging Image QualityEngelke, Ulrich; Maeder, Anthony; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
Electroencephalographic Assessment of Player Experience: A Pilot Study in Affective LudologyNacke, Lennart; Stellmach, Sophie; Lindley, Craig
Embedding instruction in practice: contingency and collaboration during surgical trainingSvensson, Marcus Sanchez; Luff, Paul; Heath, Christian
Engineering principles for open socio-technical systemsLundberg, Jenny
Enhance Flexibility in Human Agent Interaction a Case Study on IMAS Agent SystemLiang, Xu; Zhang, Peng; Bai, Guohua
Enhancing the Sustainability of Electronic Access to ELPUB Proceedings: Means for Long-term DisseminationMartens, Bob; Linde, Peter; Klinc, Robert; Holmberg, Per
An Ethnographic Approach to DesignBlomberg, Jeanette; Burrell, Mark; Guest, Greg
Euro-NGI D.JRA.6.1.1: State-of-the-art with regards to user-perceived Quality of Service and quality feedbackFiedler, Markus (editor)
Evaluation of Challenges in Human Subject Studies “In-the-Wild” Using Subjects’ Personal SmartphonesGustarini, Mattia; Ickin, Selim; Wac, Katarzyna
Evaluation of Real-time Eye Gaze Logging by a 3D Game EngineSennersten, Charlotte; Lindley, Craig
Exploring www and concepts of "genius loci" Eriksén, Sara
Eyes on the road? Augmenting traffic informationJohansson, Martin; Pettersson, Mårten
Factors influencing quality of experience of commonly-used mobile applicationsIckin, Selim; Wac, Katarzyna; Fiedler, Markus; Janowski, Lucjan; Hong, Jin-Hyuk; Dey, Anind K.
Flow and Immersion in First-Person Shooters: Measuring the player’s gameplay experienceNacke, Lennart; Lindley, Craig
Focus on your players: Psychophysiological player experience logging as a powerful tool for gameplay analysisNacke, Lennart
From 5 meters to 50 centimetres - Interactional features of a tangible monitoring system for remote hemodialysisTap, Hans
From Playability to a Hierarchical Game Usability ModelNacke, Lennart
Från löfte till handling: lägesrapport om e-demokrati i förvandlingEkelin, Annelie
Full-Score-Lite. From video analysis and transcribed interactions to snapshot strips and chor(e)ographies of communicationEriksén, Sara
The Fun of Gaming: Measuring the Human Experience of Game EnjoymentNacke, Lennart
Future Game Design: Biofeedback and Player ExperienceNacke, Lennart
Game Design and Player EmotionsNacke, Lennart
Game Experience: Components and Methods of MeasurementNacke, Lennart
Game Metrics and Biometrics: The Future of Player Experience ResearchNacke, Lennart; Ambinder, Mike; Canossa, Alessandro; Mandryk, Regan; Stach, Tadeusz
Game Play Schemas: From Player Analysis to Adaptive Game MechanicsLindley, Craig; Sennersten, Charlotte
Gameplay Experience in a Gaze Interaction GameNacke, Lennart; Stellmach, Sophie; Sasse, Dennis; Lindley, Craig
Gameplay (3D Game Engine + Ray Tracing = Visual Attention through Eye Tracking)Sennersten, Charlotte
Gaze and Voice Controlled DrawingKamp, Jan van der; Sundstedt, Veronica
Gaze Interaction in the Post-WIMP WorldBulling, Andreas; Dachselt, Raimund; Duchowski, Andrew T.; Jacob, Robert J.; Stellmach, Sophie; Sundstedt, Veronica

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