Research by subject - Human Work Science: Participatory Design

Making an exit in research: ethical and practical implications in a society dependent on sustainabilityEkelin, Annelie; Eriksén, Sara
Making e-Government Happen. Everyday co-development of services, citizenship and technology.Dittrich, Yvonne; Ekelin, Annelie; Elovaara, Pirjo; Eriksén, Sara; Hansson, Christina
Managing Rejected Ideas from Projects— A Way to Avoid Idea CemeteriesKarlsson, Anna; Törlind, Peter; Johansson, Christian
Managing Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Gates: Decision Making in Aerospace Product DevelopmentJohansson, Christian
Manufacturing knowledge: Going from production of things to designing value in useEricson, Åsa; Johansson, Christian; Nergård, Henrik
Moving document collections online: The evolution of a shared repositoryTrigg, Randall; Blomberg, Jeanette; Suchman, Lucy
Om glappen vi skapar och de märken som blir – materiell-diskursiva praktiker i kommunkontextPetris, Linus de
On Decision Support in Participatory Medicine Supporting Health Care EmpowermentÅdahl, Kerstin
A participatory design approach for the development of support environments in eGovernment services to citizensMarchese, Maurizio; Jacucci, Gianni; Martin, Mike; Wessels, Bridgette; Dittrich, Yvonne; Eriksén, Sara
Participatory Design: Issues and ConcernsBlomberg, Jeanette; Kensing, Finn
Participatory inquiry - Collaborative Design Johansson, Martin
PD in the Wild; Evolving Practices of Design in UseDittrich, Yvonne; Eriksén, Sara; Hansson, Christina
PD Method and Socio-Political Context of the Development OrganizationRönkkö, Kari; Hellman, Mats; Dittrich, Yvonne
Performing materialities: Exploring mixed media reality and Moby-DickHolloway-Attaway, Lissa
Ready-made-media-actions : Lokal produktion och användning av audiovisuella medier inom hälso- och sjukvårdenHillgren, Per-Anders
Reconstructing technologies as social practiceSuchman, Lucy; Blomberg, Jeanette; Orr, Julian; Trigg, Randall
The Rocky Road: Why Usability Work is so DifficultWinter, Jeff
Situated Innovation. Exploring co-operation in innovation and design between researchers and users and providers of ICTDittrich, Yvonne; Eriksén, Sara
Situating eParticipationEkelin, Annelie
Slutrapport för utvecklingsprojektet Design av IT i användning - teknikstöd för medborgarserviceEriksén, Sara
Social media for user innovation in Living Labs: a framework to support user recruitment and commitmentStåhlbröst, Anna; Bertoni, Marco; Følstad, Asbjørn; Ebbesson, Esbjörn; Lund, Jesper
Socio-Material Mediations - Learning, Knowing, and Self-produced Media within HealthcareBjörgvinsson, Erling Bjarki
Supporting the Cooperative Design Process of End-User TailoringEriksson, Jeanette
Tangentbord, kommunikation mellan ambulans, räddningstjänst och SOS centralen ? Idag och i framtiden: Future Workshop på SOS Alarm i VäxjöLundberg, Jenny; Pettersson, Mårten
To Be or Not to Be Active: Exploring Practices of eParticipation Ekelin, Annelie
Transparency of Critical Information for Patient Empowerment in eHealthÅdahl, Kerstin
Uncovering the Janus face of eParticipation : A Delayed IntroductionEkelin, Annelie
Users’ Influence in Social-service Innovations: Two Swedish Case StudiesSvensson, Peter; Bengtsson, Lars
What have we learned from the TANGO arena for regional cooperation in Southern Sweden?Eriksén, Sara; Ekelin, Annelie; Elovaara, Pirjo; Dittrich, Yvonne; Hansson, Christina; Winter, Jeff
Who is involved in HCI design?: an activity theoretical perspectiveKyhlbäck, Hans; Sutter, Berthel

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