Research by subject - Public Health: General

Equity across the European region: the European action plan for strengthening Public Health Services and CapacityJakubowski, Elke; Bjegovic-Mikanovic, Vesna; Müller-Nordhorn, Jaqueline; Stjernberg, Louise; Foldspang, Anders
Evaluation of Medicine Action LevelsRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Evaluation of quality of life/life satisfaction in women with breast cancer in complementary and conventional careCarlsson, Marianne; Arman, Maria; Backman, Marie; Flatters, U; Hatschek, T; Hamrin, Elisabeth
Factors associated with active commuting among parents-to-be in Karlskrona, SwedenThern, Emelie; Forss, Katarina Sjögren; Jogreus, Claes; Stjernberg, Louise
Factors associated with change in Internet usage of Swedish older adults (2004-2010)Berner, Jessica; Rennemark, Mikael; Jogréus, Claes; Berglund, Johan
Factors influencing outdoor recreation physical activity among elderly in the south eastern part of SwedenSjögren, Katarina; Stjernberg, Louise
Factors related to frequent usage of the primary healthcare services in old age: findings from The Swedish National Study on Aging and CareRennemark, Mikael; Holst, Göran; Fagerström, Cecilia; Halling, Anders
A family based model for dementia care in Blekinge, SwedenHolst, Göran
Family Suffering Related to War Experiences: an Interpretative Synopsis Review of the Literature from a Caring Science PerspectiveIsovaara, Sten; Arman, Maria; Rehnsfeldt, Arne
Future challenges and current innovations in applied health technology and public healthStjernberg, Louise
A Fuzzy Decision Making Model Applied to the Choice of the Therapy in the Case of Symptoms not Disappearing after the TreatmentRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
A Fuzzy Group-Decision Making Model Applied to the Choice of the Optimal Medicine in the Case of Symptoms not Disappearing after the TreatmentRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Fuzzy Modelling in Medical Diagnosis and Appreciation of Drug ActionRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Garlic as a tick repellentStjernberg, Louise; Berglund, Johan
Garlic as an insect repellentStjernberg, Louise; Berglund, Johan
A gender perspective on factors that influence outdoor recreational physical activity among the elderlySjögren, Katarina; Stjernberg, Louise
Guide to REgional Good Practice eHealthBai, Guohua; Malmqvist, Gustav
Health as continuity and balance in lifeEmami, A; Benner, PE; Lipson, JG; Ekman, Sirkka-Liisa
Health communication in primary health care -A case study of ICT development for health promotionMahmud, Amina Jama; Olander, Ewy; Eriksén, Sara; Haglund, Bo
Health counselling in Child Health Services – synthesising two missions.Olander, Ewy
Health Counselling in Primary Child Health C. Process and Context from a Practical Educational Perspective. Olander, Ewy
Health promoting settings in primary health care - "hälsotorg": an implementation analysisMahmud, Amina Jama; Olander, Ewy; Wallenberg, Lovisa; Haglund, Bo
Health Square – a new Setting for Health CommunicationOlander, Ewy; Wallenberg, Lovisa; Wandås, Inger; Haglund, Bo
The hidden suffering among breast cancer patients: A qualitative metasynthesisArman, Maria; Rehnsfeldt, Arne
Horizontal and vertical target efficiency – a comparison between users and non-users of public long-term care in SwedenLagergren, Mårten; Sjölund, Britt-Marie; Fagerström, Cecilia; Berglund, Johan; Fratiglioni, Laura; Nordell, Eva; Wimo, Anders; Elmståhl, Sölve
How a learning orientation affects drivers of innovativeness and performance in service deliveryPesämaa, Ossi; Shoham, Aviv; Wincent, Joakim; Ruvio, Ayalla
Human echolocation: The relative importance of pitch and loudnessSchenkman, Bo; Nilsson, Mats E.
HÄLSOVÄGLEDNING I BARNHÄLSOVÅRDEN - syntetisering av två uppdrag Olander, Ewy
Hälsovägledning i barnhälsovården – syntetisering av två uppdragOlander, Ewy
Hälsovägledning i barnhälsovården, process och kontext ur ett praktiskt pedagogiskt perspektivOlander, Ewy

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