Research by subject - Signal Processing: General

Application of Infinite Dimensional Linear Programming to IIR Filter Design with Time Domain ConstraintsNordebo, Sven; Zang, Zhuquan
Application of Moving Target Detection by Focusing Technique in Civil Traffic MonitoringVu, Viet Thuy; Sjögren, Thomas; Pettersson, Mats; Marques, Paulo
Application of Novel Signal Processing Algorithms for the Detection and Minimization of Skywave Interfering Signals in Loran ReceiversMohammed, Abbas; Last, David
Applied Complex Chebyshev Optimization Using Dual Nested Complex ApproximationClaesson, Ingvar; Dahl, Mattias; Nordebo, Sven
An Approach to Suppress RFI in Ultrawideband Low Frequency SARVu, Viet Thuy; Sjögren, Thomas; Pettersson, Mats; Håkansson, Lars
Approximation of Classical IIR Filters with Additional SpecificationsDam, Hai Huyen; Nordebo, Sven; Svensson, Lars
Arrangement of a Multi Stereo Visual Sensor System for a Human Activities SpaceKulesza, Wlodek; Chen, Jiandan; Khatibi, Siamak
Assessment of a HAP Diversity System Employing Compact MIMO-Tetrahedron AntennaHult, Tommy; Mohammed, Abbas
Assessment of Multipath Propagation for a 2.4 GHz Short-Range Wireless Communication SystemHult, Tommy; Mohammed, Abbas
Asymmetric Limit Cycles in an Industrially Applied Controlled Resonant ConverterHultgren, Anders; Melin, Jan; Ranstad, Per
Att minska beroendet av motoriserade transporter - en fråga om att kunna och vilja!Alvesund, Carolin
Audio Processing Solution for Video Conference Based AerobicsBerggren, Magnus; Stjernberg, Louise; Lindström, Fredric; Claesson, Ingvar
Autocorrelation Analysis for Reduced-Reference Mobile Video Quality AssessmentWang, Feng; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
Autocorrelation Analysis of Spatial Features for Mobile Video ServicesWang, Feng; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
Automatic Enhancement and Subjective Evaluation of Dental X-ray Images Using the SMQTNilsson, Mikael; Sattar, Farook; Chngt, Hui Kheng; Claesson, Ingvar
The Availability ff Fast Time-Domain Algorithms for Circular Sar Data ProcessingVu, Viet Thuy; Sjögren, Thomas; Pettersson, Mats; Minardi, Michael
Average Sum-Rate of Distributed Alamouti Space--Time Scheme in Two-Way Amplify-and-Forward Relay NetworksDuong, Quang Trung; Yuen, Chau; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Lei, Xianfu
Beamforming and Interference Cancellation for Capacity Gain in mobile NetworksNordholm, Sven; Nordberg, Jörgen; Claesson, Ingvar
Bessel features for estimating number of speakers from multispeaker speech signalsKumar, P.V.A.; Balakrishna, L.; Prakash, Chetana; Gangashetty, Suraykanath
Bessel transform for image resizingMohan, P. Ganga; Prakash, Chetana; Gangashetty, Surayakanath
Between Daring and Deliberating - 3G as a Sustainability Issue in Swedish Spatial PlanningLarsson, Stefan
Bias errors due to leakage effects when estimating frequency response functionsJosefsson, Andreas; Ahlin, Kjell; Broman, Göran
Blind Adaptive spatial Equalisation in S-UMTS-systemNordholm, Jörgen; Nordholm, Sven; Mohammed, Abbas; Claesson, Ingvar
A Blind Closed Loop Subband Channel EqualizerNordberg, Jörgen; Dam, Hai Huyen; Nordholm, Sven
Blind Source Separation of Speech Mixtures using a Simple and Computationally Efficient Time-Frequency ApproachBallal, Tarig; Grbic, Nedelko; Mohammed, Abbas
Blind Source Separation Using Time-Frequency MaskingMohammed, Abbas; Ballal, Tarig; Grbic, Nedelko
Blind Subband Adaptive EqualizationNordberg, Jörgen
Blind Subband Channel EqualisationNordberg, Jörgen
Broadband Communication Services from Platform and Business Model DesignYang, Zhe; Mohammed, Abbas

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