Research by subject - Signal processing: Image and Video Processing

Preferential Coding for Mobile Multimedia ServicesIqbal, Muhammad Imran
Quality Assessment of an Adaptive Filter for Artifact Reduction in Mobile Video SequencesEngelke, Ulrich; Rossholm, Andreas; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Lövström, Benny
Quality Evaluation in Wireless Imaging Using Feature-Based Objective MetricsEngelke, Ulrich; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
Quality of experience for multimedia content sharingBuchinger, Shelley; Lopez, Rui Jorge; Jumisko-Pyykkö, Satu; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
Real-Time Unequal Error Protection for Wireless ImagingIqbal, Muhammad Imran; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
Reduced-reference metric design for objective perceptual quality assessment in wireless imagingEngelke, Ulrich; Kusuma, Tubagus Maulana; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Caldera, Manora
A Reduced Complexity No-Reference Artificial Neural Network Based Video Quality PredictorShahid, Muhammad; Rossholm, Andreas; Lövström, Benny
Robust Place Recognition with an Application to Semantic Topological MappingSiddiqui, Rafid; Khatibi, Siamak
Semantic Urban MapsSiddiqui, Rafid; Khatibi, Siamak
Streaming Video as Space – Divided Sub-Frames over Wireless NetworksAziz, Hussein Muzahim; Fiedler, Markus; Grahn, Håkan; Lundberg, Lars
Subjective Quality Assessment of H.264/AVC Encoded Low Resolution VideosShahid, Muhammad; Singam, Amitesh Kumar; Rossholm, Andreas; Lövstrom, Benny
Visual Attention in Quality AssessmentEngelke, Ulrich; Kaprykowsky, Hagen; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Ndjiki-Nya, Patrik
Visual Attention Modelling for Subjective Image Quality DatabasesEngelke, Ulrich; Maeder, Anthony; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
Visual Fixation Patterns in Subjective Quality Assessment: The Relative Impact of Image Content and Structural DistortionsEngelke, Ulrich; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Maeder, Anthony
Visual Quality Improvement of Digital Video by Stabilization Using Adaptive CMAC FilteringZahoor, Amir; Koodtalang, Wittaya; Shahid, Muhammad; Lövström, Benny