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N-dimensional fault detection and operational analysis with performance metricsJohansson, Christian; Wernstedt, Fredrik
The n-dimensional Stern-Brocot treeLennerstad, Håkan
N-tracked railway traffic re-scheduling during disturbancesTörnquist, Johanna; Persson, Jan A.
Naprapathic Manual Therapy or Conventional Orthopedic Care for Outpatients on Orthopedic Waiting Lists? A pragmatic randomized controlled trial.Lilje, Stina; Friberg, Håkan; Wykman, Anders; Skillgate, Eva
Narrative Text Composing on the WebHansson, Thomas
Narrowband acoustic doppler volume backscattering signal-part II: spectral centroid estimationTao, Xiao-Jiao; Claesson, Ingvar; Grbic, Nedelko
Narrowband acoustic doppler volume backscattering signal-part I: evolutionary spectral analysisTao, Xiao-Jiao; Claesson, Ingvar; Grbic, Nedelko
A natural relation between user-perceived quality and network-level perturbationsFiedler, Markus; Hock, David; Hossfeld, Tobias; Binzenhöfer, Andreas; Tutschku, Kurt; Tran-Gia, Phuoc
Natural Seriousness in LearningAndersson, Björn; Rouchy, Philippe
Near Field Performance Evaluation of a Spatial Filtering Adaptive Microphone ArrayNordholm, Sven; Claesson, Ingvar; Bengtsson, Bengt
Necessary and sufficient conditions in merger control: The use of HHI and threshold valueMcIntosh, Christoper; Hellmer, Stefan
Needs Oriented Framework for Producing Requirements Decision Material - NORMDzamashvili-Fogelström, Nina; Gorschek, Tony; Svahnberg, Mikael
Negotiating Information Technology : Politics and Practices of a Web SiteElovaara, Pirjo
Negotiating PiecesJohansson, Stefan J.
Neighbourhood Integration and MobilizationÖresjö, Eva
NEMESIS: A Multigigabit Optical Local Area NetworkPopescu, Adrian; Akyildizapo, Ian
Netbased student research - an attempt to make university education productiveSutter, Berthel; Nilsson, Monica E
NetForecast: A Delay Prediction Scheme for Provider Controlled NetworksElmokashfi, Ahmed; Kleis, Michael; Popescu, Adrian
A Network Approach to Signalling Network Congestion ControlAngelin, Lars; Pettersson, Stefan; Arvidsson, Åke
Network Architecture to Support Multimedia over CRNPopescu, Alexandru; Yao, Yong; Fiedler, Markus; Popescu, Adrian
Network Impact on Quality of Experience of Mobile VideoMinhas, Tahir Nawaz
The Network of Excellence Euro-NF and its Specific Joint Research ProjectsFiedler, Markus; Hossfeld, Tobias; Norros, Ilkka; Rodrigues, Joel; Pereira, Paulo Rogério
Network Oriented Load Control in Intelligent NetworksPettersson, Stefan; Arvidsson, Åke
Network Selection Box: An Implementation of Seamless CommunicationChevul, Stefan; Isaksson, Lennart; Fiedler, Markus; Lindberg, Peter; Waltersson, Roland
The Network Utility Function: A practicable concept for assessing network impact on distributed servicesFiedler, Markus; Chevul, Stefan; Radtke, Olaf; Tutschku, Kurt; Binzenhöfer, Andreas
Networking in a Large-Scale Distributed Agile ProjectMoe, Nils Brede; Šmite, Darja; Šāblis, Aivars; Börjesson, Anne-Lie; Andréasson, Pia
Neural Network Based Adaptive Microphone Array System for Speech EnhancementGrbic, Nedelko; Dahl, Mattias; Claesson, Ingvar
Neural Network based Minutiae Extraction from Skeletonized FingerprintsBartunek, Josef Ström; Nilsson, Mikael; Nordberg, Jörgen; Claesson, Ingvar
A Neural Network Trained Microphone Array System for Noise ReductionDahl, Mattias; Claesson, Ingvar
A New Active Headset For a Helicopter ApplicationJohansson, Sven; Winberg, Mathias; Lagö, Thomas L; Claesson, Ingvar