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Ulcer pain in patients with venous leg ulcers related to antibiotic treatment and compression therapyÅkesson, Nina; Öien, Rut; Forsell, Henrik; Fagerström, Cecilia
Ultrasonic monitoring of a fiber reinforced plastic - steel composite beam during fatigueHedberg, Claes; Johnson, Erland; Andersson, Sara; Haller, Kristian; Kjell, Gunnar; Hellbratt, Sven-Erik
Ultrawideband-Ultrawidebeam Synthetic Aperture Radar – Signal Processing and ApplicationsVu, Viet Thuy
Ultrawideband Chirp Scaling AlgorithmVu, Viet Thuy; Sjögren, Thomas; Pettersson, Mats
Un-cashed switching benefits - Loyalty or lock-ins? The case of district heating in SwedenHellmer, Stefan
Unbalanced Dynamic Capabilities as Obstacles of Organisational Efficiency: Implementation Issues in Innovative Technology AdoptionLjungquist, Urban
Uncertainty Reduction in Software Development by the use of a Platform Based Development StrategyNumminen, Emil; Wrenne, Anders
Uncovering the Janus face of eParticipation : A Delayed IntroductionEkelin, Annelie
Understandability of concrete versus parametric test casesTahir, Touseef; Jafar, Ali; Maharajan, Mohan
Understanding Alarms. A first step in the development of a new alarm system.Tap, Hans; Svensson, Marcus Sánchez
Understanding and supporting requirements engineering decisions in market-driven software product developmentDzamashvili-Fogelström, Nina
Understanding Atanasoff's contribution to early US computingRouchy, Philippe
Understanding Impact Analysis: An Empirical Study to Capture Knowledge on Different Organisational LevelsJönsson, Per; Wohlin, Claes
Understanding Project Practice in Virtual Project Groups – a Quest for a Scandinavian DiscourseHemming, Marie
Understanding the Impact on Software Quality for Evolving Systems in Distributed Development EnvironmentsJabangwe, Ronald
Understanding the Importance of Roles in Architecture-Related Process Improvement - A Case StudyJönsson, Per; Wohlin, Claes
Understanding the Importance of Roles in Architecture Related Process Improvement - A Case StudyJönsson, Per; Wohlin, Claes
Understanding the Relations between Software Quality Attributes - A Survey Approach.Henningsson, Kennet; Wohlin, Claes
Understanding the visitor – a prerequisite for coastal zone planningAnkre, Rosemarie
Unequal Error Protection for ROI Coded Images over Fading ChannelsYatawara, Yeshan; Caldera, Manora; Kusuma, Tubagus Maulana; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
Unequal Error Protection for Wireless Multimedia Transmission in Decode-and-Forward Relay NetworksDuong, Quang Trung; Engelke, Ulrich; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
Unga nätmiljöer. Nya villkor för samarbete och lärande : FörordHansson, Thomas; Alexandersson, Mikael
Uni-REPM: Validated and ImprovedSvahnberg, Mikael; Gorschek, Tony; Nguyen, Thi Than Loan; Nguyen, Mai
Unicast QoS Routing in Overlay NetworksIlie, Dragos; Popescu, Adrian
Unident ABSolberg Søilen, Klaus; Huber, Stefan
Unified Analysis of Transmit Antenna Selection in MIMO Multi-Relay NetworksYeoh, Phee Lep; Elkashlan, Maged; Yang, Nan; Costa, Daniel B. da; Duong, Quang Trung
Unified Analysis of Transmit Antenna Selection in MIMO Multirelay NetworksYeoh, Phee Lep; Elkashlan, Maged; Yang, Nan; Costa, Daniel da; Duong, Trung Quang
Unified Messaging Services: Mobile Future, CSCW and EthnographyRouchy, Philippe
A unified model for server usage and operational costs based on user profiles: An industrial evaluationPelto-Piri, Johannes; Molin, Peter; Torkar, Richard
University-community coalitions for developmental work research - a theoretical perspective and two casesSutter, Berthel; Kyhlbäck, Hans