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University-community coalitions for developmental work research - a theoretical perspective and two casesSutter, Berthel; Kyhlbäck, Hans
University spin-offs in Sweden – a longitudinal studyLöwegren, Marie; Bengtsson, Lars
Unlocking Potentials of Innovation Systems in Low Resource SettingsEcuru, Julius
The Unstable Manifold. Janet Frame´s Challenge to DeterminismHansson, Karin
Uplink closed loop power control for LTE systemMuhammad, Bilal; Mohammed, Abbas
Uplink Performance Analysis of Multicell MU-MIMO with Zero-Forcing Receivers and Perfect CSINgo, Hien Q.; Duong, Quang Trung; Larsson, Erik G.
Uplink Performance Analysis of Multicell MU-SIMO Systems with ZF receiversNgo, Hien Quoc; Matthaiou, Michail; Duong, Quang Trung; Larsson, Erik G.
Uplink Performance Evaluation of WiMAX Broadband Services via High Altitude Platforms (HAPs)Yang, Zhe; Mohammed, Abbas; Hult, Tommy
An upper bound on the minimum Euclidean distance for block-coded phase-shift keyingNilsson, Magnus; Lennerstad, Håkan
Upright Stiff: subproblem updating in the FW method for traffic assignmentHolmgren, Johan; Lindberg, Per Olov
Usability Evaluation of Web Office Applications in Collaborative WritingKahn, Muhammad Afsar; Israr, Nauman; Hassan, Sher
A usable selection range standard based on test suite reduction algorithmsMa, Yanjun; Zhao, Zhigang; Liang, Yuchen; Yun, Maojin
Use and evaluation of simulation for software process education: a case studyAli, Nauman bin; Unterkalmsteiner, Michael
Usefulness of the Minimal Insomnia Symptom Scale (MISS) in elderly personsHellström, Amanda; Hagell, Peter; Fagerström, Cecilia; Willman, Ania
User-defined Electrical Experiments in a Remote LaboratoryGustavsson, Ingvar
User-oriented Assessment of Classification Model UnderstandabilityAllahyari, Hiva; Lavesson, Niklas
User-perceived-quality aware replication strategy for video streaming over wireless mesh networksVo, Nguyen-Son; Chen, Wenqing; Duong, Quang Trung
User Impatience and Network PerformanceCollange, Denis; Mahdi, Hajji; Shaikh, Junaid; Fiedler, Markus; Arlos, Patrik
User Perception and Performance of Authentication ProceduresLorentzen, Charlott
Users’ Influence in Social-service Innovations: Two Swedish Case StudiesSvensson, Peter; Bengtsson, Lars
Using 3D CAD models for value visualization: an approach with SIEMENS NX HD3D Visual ReportingBertoni, Marco; Bertoni, Alessandro; Broeze, Henk; Dubourg, Gilles; Sundhurst, Clive
Using a Micro-Level Model for Governmental Policy-MakingRamstedt, Linda; Davidsson, Paul; Persson, Jan A.
Using Bayes Network for Prediction of Type-2 DiabetesGuo, Yang; Bai, Guohua; Hu, Yan
Using CBR and CART to predict maintainability of relational database-driven software applicationsRiaz, Mehwish; Mendes, Emilia; Tempero, Ewan; Sulayman, Muhammad
Using Checklists to Support the Change Control Process - A Case StudyJönsson, Per; Wohlin, Claes
Using components to increase mailtainability in a large telecommunication systemAlgestam, Henrik; Offesson, Marcus; Lundberg, Lars
Using Data Mining for Static Code Analysis of CTribus, Hannes; Morrigl, Irene; Axelsson, Stefan
Using ensembles for web effort estimationAzhar, Damir; Riddle, Patricia; Mendes, Emilia; Mittas, Nikolaos; Angelis, Lefteris
Using expert-based bayesian networks as decision support systems to improve project management of healthcare software projectsMendes, Emilia

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