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Hot och svek— Säkerhet hos människor och datorerCarlsson, Bengt (editor)
How a learning orientation affects drivers of innovativeness and performance in service deliveryPesämaa, Ossi; Shoham, Aviv; Wincent, Joakim; Ruvio, Ayalla
How agile are industrial software development practices?Hansson, Christina; Dittrich, Yvonne; Gustavsson, Björn; Zarnaak, Stefan
How application integration, security issues and pricing strategies in business intelligence shape vendor differentiationSøilen, Klaus Solberg; Hasslinger, Anders
How Application Integration, Security Issues and Pricing Strategies in Business Intelligence Shape Vendor DifferentiationSøilen, Klaus Solberg; Hasslinger, Anders
How can fossil fuel based public bus transport systems become a sustainable solution for Swedish medium-sized cities?Borén, Sven; Nurhadi, Lisiana; Ny, Henrik
How Can Libraries and Other Academic Institutions Engage in Making Data Open?Linde, Peter; Wessels, Bridgette A.; Sveinsdottir, Thordis; Noorman, Merel
How can libraries and other academic stakeholders engage in making data open?Linde, Peter; Noorman, Merel; Wessels, Bridgette A.; Sveinsdottir, Thordis
How Critical can you be as an Ongoing-evaluator?Albinsson, Gunilla; Arnesson, Kerstin
How do implant surface characteristics influence peri-implant disease?Renvert, Stefan; Polyzois, Ioannis; Claffey, Noel
How do we know if this is the best? Mental health-care professionals' views on national guidelines for psychosocial interventionsSandström, Boel; Willman, Ania; Svensson, Bengt; Borglin, Gunilla
How Is Digital Poetry Avant-Garde?Engberg, Maria; Bolter, Jay
How many individuals to use in a QA task with fixed total effort?Mäntylä, Mika; Petersen, Kai; Pfahl, Dietmar
How Much Information is Needed for Usage-Based Reading? - A Series of Experiments.Thelin, Thomas; Runeson, Per; Wohlin, Claes; Ohlsson, Thomas; Andersson, Carina
How Planners and Small Business entrepreneurs View Industrial Environments - The need and possibility for a planning dialogueTörnqvist, Anders; Corrander, Jukka
How Remote Labs Impact on Courses Outcomes: Various Practices Using VISIRMarques, Maria; Viegas, Maria; Costa-Lobo, Maria; Fidalgo, André; Alves, Gustavo; Rocha, Joao; Gustavsson, Ingvar
How to analyze and promote developmental activity research?Sutter, Berthel
How to Implement the Virtual Machine Concept Using xPC TargetBathelt, Jens; Jönsson, Anders
How to include users in the development of off-the-shelf software: A case for complementing participatory design with agile developmentHansson, Christina; Dittrich, Yvonne; Randall, Dave
How to make Sense of Software. Interpretability as an Issue for Design.Dittrich, Yvonne
How to measure and classify insomnia in elderly personsHellström, Amanda; Hagell, Peter; Fagerström, Cecilia; , Ania Willman
How to open a local electronics laboratory for remote accessGustavsson, Ingvar
How to use COSMIC Functional Size in Effort Estimation Models?Gencel, Cigdem
How use-oriented development can take placeDittrich, Yvonne; Lindeberg, Olle
HTTP Interactions with TCPPruthi, Parag; Jena, Ajit K.; Popescu, Adrian
Human echolocation using click trains and continuous noiseSchenkman, Bo; Nilsson, Mats E.; Grbic, Nedelko
Human echolocation: Blind and sighted persons' ability to detect sounds recorded in the presence of a reflecting objectSchenkman, Bo; Nilsson, Mats E.
Human echolocation: Pitch versus loudness informationSchenkman, Bo; Nilsson, Mats E.
Human echolocation: The relative importance of pitch and loudnessSchenkman, Bo; Nilsson, Mats E.
Human Factor Validation in an Industrial Measurement SystemWirandi, Jenny; Kulesza, Wlodek; Lauber, Alexander

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