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A No-Reference Bitstream-based Perceptual Model for Video Quality Estimation of Videos Affected by Coding Artifacts and Packet LossesPandremmenou, Katerina; Shahid, Muhammad; Kondi, L.P.; Lövström, Benny
No-reference image and video quality assessment: a classification and review of recent approachesShahid, Muhammad; Rossholm, Andreas; Lövström, Benny; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
A No-Reference Machine Learning Based Video Quality PredictorShahid, Muhammad; Rossholm, Andreas; Lövström, Benny
No free lunches in Multi-agent Systems, - a Characteristic Distribution approach to game theoretic modellingJohansson, Stefan J.
Noise and Vibration Control of Combustion Engine VehiclesWinberg, Mathias
Noise and vibration measurement system basicsBrandt, Anders; Ahlin, Kjell; Lagö, Thomas L
Noise Canceling Convergence Rates for the LMS AlgorithmClaesson, Ingvar; Nordholm, Sven; Eriksson, Per
Noise Cancelling Convergence Rates for the LMS AlgorithmClaesson, Ingvar; Nordholm, Sven; Eriksson, Per
NOISE CANCELLING HEADSETS FOR SPEECH COMMUNICATIONHåkansson, Lars; Johansson, Sven; Dahl, Mattias; Sjösten, Per; Claesson, Ingvar
Noise Cancelling Using Spatial Filters in Broadband Adaptive BeamformersNordebo, Sven
Noise measurements in incubators at neonatal intensive care unitMagnus, Berggren; Nilsson, Kristian; Håkansson, Lars; Agnesson, Helen; Hedsten, Stefan
Noise reduction algorithm for LS channel estimation in OFDM systemKhan, Nazmul; Alam, Mohammad
Noise Reduction in Whisper Speech Based On the Auditory Masking ModelTao, Zhi; Zhang, Xiao-Jun; Zhao, He-Ming; Kulesza, Wlodek
Noise reduction in whisper speech based on the auditory masking modelZhi, Tao; Zhang, Xia-Jun; Zhao, He-Ming; Kulesza, Wlodek J.
Noise Reduction Using an Adaptive Microphone Array for Speech Recognition in a CarNordebo, Sven; Bengtsson, Bengt; Claesson, Ingvar; Nordholm, Sven; Roxström, Anders; Blomberg, Mats; Elenius, Kjell
Noise Reduction Using an Adaptive Microphone Array in a Car- A Speech Recognition EvaluationNordebo, Sven; Nordholm, Sven; Bengtsson, Bengt; Claesson, Ingvar
Noise Shaping of Multitone Spectra Using the LMS Adaptive AlgorithmSjösten, Per
Noise Signal Propagation in Soft Biological TissuesRudenko, Oleg; Gurbatov, S.N.
Noise Suppression Employing Short Delay ProcessingGustafsson, Harald; Nordholm, Sven; Claesson, Ingvar
Non-Causal Delayless Subband Adaptive EqualizerDam, Hai Huyen; Nordberg, Jörgen; Nordholm, Sven
Non-coherent detection of impulse radio UWB signals based on fourth order statisticsKhan, Muhammad Gufran; Sällberg, Benny; Nordberg, Jörgen; Claesson, Ingvar
Non-Coherent Fourth-Order Detector for Impulse Radio Ultra Wideband Systems: Empirical Evaluation Using Channel MeasurementsKhan, Muhammad Gufran; Sällberg, Benny; Nordberg, Jörgen; Tufvesson, Fredrik; Claesson, Ingvar
Non-Compliance with On-Site Data Collection in Outdoor Recreation MonitoringFredman, Peter; Romild, Ulla; Emmelin, Lars; Yuan, Michael
Non-contact nonlinear acoustic damage localization in plates. Part 1: Resonance of air between platesHedberg, Claes; Haller, Kristian; Arnoldsson, Sven
Non-contact nonlinear acoustic damage localization in plates. Part 2: Localized resonance through dynamically trapped modesHedberg, Claes; Haller, Kristian
Non-contact nonlinear ultrasound scan of a CFRP plate with manufactured damagesHedberg, Claes; Andersson, Sara; Haller, Kristian; Hallbratt, Sven-Erik
A Non-Gaussian Backscattering Signal Model for An Acoustic Doppler Current MeterLagö, Thomas L; Eriksson, Per
Non-Intrusive Network-Based Estimation of Web Quality of Experience IndicatorsShaikh, Junaid
Non-linear dynamics in granular materialsHedberg, Claes; Martinet, Philippe
Non-Linear Vibration and Dynamic Fracture Mechanics of Bridge CablesLeon, Armando

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