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Wireless Network SecurityJohnson, Henric; Nilsson, Arne A.; Fiedler, Markus
Wireless Sensor Networks – Measurement, Telecommunication and Energy ApproachKulesza, Wlodek
Wirtschaftsspionage in Verhandlungen aus Informationsökonomischer und Wirtschaftsetischer Perspektive : eine Interdisziplinäre AnalyseSolberg Søilen, Klaus
Women in Computing in SwedenBjörkman, Christina
The Work to Make eParticipation WorkEkelin, Annelie
Working artefacts: Ethnomethods of the prototypeSuchman, Lucy; Trigg, Randall; Blomberg, Jeanette
Working IT out in medical practice: IT systems design and development as co-realisationHartswood, Mark; Procter, Rob; Rouchy, Philippe; Rouncefield, Mark; Slack, Roger; Voss, Alexander
Working IT Out in Practice: Towards a Principled Synthesis of Ethnomethodology and Participatory DesignHartswood, Mark; Procter, Rob; Slack, Roger; Voß, Alexander; Rouchy, Philippe; Rouncefield, Mark
Working out IT in Medical Practice: IT systems design and development as co-productionHartswood, Mark; Procter, Rob; Rouchy, Philippe; Rouncefield, Mark; Slack, Roger; Voss, Alexander
Working with the Fogbow: Design and Reconfiguration of services and Participation in E-GovernmentEkelin, Annelie
Workplace Logics, Kinds of Knowledge and Action ResearchHansson, Thomas
Workshop on Consistency Problems in UML-based Software Development IIKuzniarz, Ludwik; Huzar, Zbigniew; Reggio, Gianna; Sourrouille, Jean Louis; Staron, Miroslaw
Worldviews, Research Methods, and their Relationship to Validity in Empirical Software Engineering ResearchPetersen, Kai; Gencel, Cigdem
Wound Care Documentation at Municipal Elder CareKyhlbäck, Hans; Persson, Hannes
Writing for Synthesis of Evidence in Empirical Software EngineeringWohlin, Claes
Writing on the World: Augmented Reading EnvironmentsEngberg, Maria
WS-AddressingTröger, Peter
WSDLTröger, Peter