Research by type - Dissertations

On the Performance Assessment of Advanced Cognitive Radio NetworksChu, Thi My Chinh2015
On the Performance of Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks with Interference Constraints and RelayingKabiri, Charles2015
Operationalization of lean thinking through value stream mapping with simulation and FLOWAli, Nauman bin2015
Quality of Experience on Smartphones : Network, Application, and Energy PerspectivesIckin, Selim2015
Software Quality Evaluation for Evolving Systems in Distributed Development EnvironmentsJabangwe, Ronald2015
Web-Enabled Customer Involvement in Innovation Activities : a Firm's PerspectiveRyzhkova, Natalia2015
Cognitive Radio Networks: Elements and ArchitecturesWesterhagen, Alexander Popescu2014
Design and Implementation of Thread-Level Speculation in JavaScript EnginesMartinsen, Jan Kasper2014
Determinants and Effects of Innovation: Context MattersTavassoli, Sam2014
Fuzzy Set Theory Applied to Make Medical Prognoses for Cancer PatientsZettervall, Hang2014
Integrating a Strategic Sustainability Perspective into Eco-Labelling, Procurement and Supply Chain ManagementBratt, Cecilia2014
Law and Spatial Planning. Socio-Legal Perspectives on the Development of Wind Power and 3G Mobile Infrastructures in SwedenLarsson, Stefan2014
Methods for Objective and Subjective Video Quality Assessment and for Speech EnhancementShahid, Muhammad2014
On Descriptive and Predictive Models for Serial Crime AnalysisBorg, Anton2014
On Enhancement and Quality Assessment of Audio and Video in Communication SystemsRossholm, Andreas2014
On Fundamental Elements of Visual Navigation SystemsSiddiqui, Rafid2014
On Intelligent District HeatingJohansson, Christian2014
On User Perception of Authentication in NetworksLorentzen, Charlott2014
Psychosocial, Socio-Demographic and Health Determinants in Information Communication Technology Use by Older-AdultsBerner, Jessica2014
Social Challenges when Implementing Information Systems in a Swedish Healthcare OrganizationNilsson, Lina2014
A Software Framework for Prioritized Spectrum Access in Heterogeneous Cognitive Radio NetworksYao, Yong2014
(Re)acting the city. Physical planning practices and challenges in urban development projects of the Entrepreneurial CityMadureira, Ana Mafalda2014
Biståndspolitikens motsägelser om kunskap och tekniköverföring - från konkret praktik till abstrakt policyKjellqvist, Tomas2013
Coexistence, Deployment and Business Models of Heterogeneous Wireless Systems Incorporating High Altitude PlatformsYang, Zhe2013
Designing ICT-Supported Health Promoting Communication in Primary Health CareMahmud, Amina Jama2013
Making Plans - Telling Stories: Planning in Karlskrona/Sweden 1980 - 2010Walter, Mareile2013
Monitoring Infrastructure AffordancesBjörn, Ståhl2013
On Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio NetworkingNgoga, Said Rutabayiro2013
Performance Analysis of Cognitive Radio Networks with Interference ConstraintsTran, Hung2013
Performance Assessment of Cooperative Relay Networks with Advanced Radio Transmission TechniquesPhan, Hoc2013