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Advertising Stories of Second Homes in the Swedish Welfare StatePersson, Ingrid2014
Aetiology of Tick-Borne Infections in an Adult Swedish Population - Are Co-Infections with Multiple Agents Common?Nordberg, Marika; Forsberg, Pia; Berglund, Johan; Bjöersdorff, Anneli; Ernerudh, Jan; Garpmo, Ulf; Haglund, Mats; Nilsson, Kenneth; Eliasson, Ingvar2014
Applying a knowledge management technique to improve risk assessment and effort estimation of healthcare software projectsMendes, Emilia2014
Approximate symmetries and solutions of the Kompaneets equationIbragimov, Nail H.; Gazizov, Rafail H.2014
Assessment of carotid calcifications on panoramic radiographs in relation to other used methods and relationship to periodontitis and stroke: a literature reviewBengtsson, VW; Persson, Rutger; Renvert, Stefan2014
Association between Sleep Disturbances and Leisure Activities in the Elderly: A Comparison between Men and Women.Hellström, Amanda; Hellström, Patrik; Willman, Ania; Fagerström, Cecilia2014
The challenge of giving written thesis feedback to nursing studentsTuvesson, Hanna; Borglin, Gunilla2014
Challenges and Practices in Aligning Requirements with Verification and Validation: A Case Study of Six CompaniesBjarnason, Elizabeth; Runeson, Per; Borg, Markus; Unterkalmsteiner, Michael; Engström, Emelie; Regnell, Björn; Sabaliauskaite, Giedre; Loconsole, Annabella; Gorschek, Tony; Feldt, Robert2014
Challenges of conducting experimental studies within a clinical nursing contextGustafsson, Markus; Bohman, Doris M; Gunilla, Borglin2014
Cluster of Bacteria Associated with Peri-ImplantitisPersson, Gösta Rutger; Renvert, Stefan2014
Comments on the paper "Conservation laws of the (2+1)-dimensional KP equation and Burgers equation with variable coefficients and cross terms" by Li-Hua ZhangIbragimov, Nail H.2014
Comparative Performance Study of LTE Downlink SchedulersBiernacki, Arkadiusz; Tutschku, Kurt2014
Complex Control Models with Parametric Families of Fuzzy Constrains in Evaluation of Resort Management SystemRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth2014
Concept analysis: patient autonomy in a caring contextLindberg, Catharina; Fagerström, Cecilia; Sivberg, Bengt; Willman, Ania2014
A conceptual framework for SPI evaluationUnterkalmsteiner, Michael; Gorschek, Tony; Islam, A.K.M. Moinul; Cheng, Chow Kian; Permadi, Rahadian Bayu; Feldt, Robert2014
Conservation laws for two-phase filtration modelsBaikov, V. A.; Ibragimov, Nail; Zheltova, I. S.; Yakovlev, A. A.2014
Considering rigor and relevance when evaluating test driven development: A systematic reviewMunir, Hussan; Moayyed, Misagh; Petersen, Kai2014
Costs and Utilities of Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Standard Care for Low-prioritized Orthopedic Outpatients of Working Age A Cost Consequence AnalysisLilje, Stina; Persson, Ulf B.; Tangen, Stine; Kasamoen, Stine; Skillgate, Eva2014
Critical success factors and cluster evolution: A case study of the Linköping ICT cluster lifecycleTavasolli, Sam; Tsagdis, Dimitrios2014
Cultural expression in augmented and mixed realityEngberg, Maria; Bolter, Jay2014
Damage prediction for regular reinforced concrete buildings using the decision tree algorithmKarbassi, A.; Mohebi, B.; Rezaee, S.; Lestuzzi, P.2014
Decreased cognitive functions at the age of 66, as measured by the MMSE, associated with having left working life before the age of 60: Results from the SNAC studyRennemark, Mikael; Berglund, Johan2014
Delay Analysis for Cognitive Ad Hoc Networks Using Multi-channel Medium Access ControlChu, Thi My Chinh; Phan, Hoc; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen2014
Detecting serial residential burglaries using clusteringBorg, Anton; Boldt, Martin; Lavesson, Niklas; Melander, Ulf; Boeva, Veselka2014
Dynamic Spectrum Access for Cognitive Radio Networks with Prioritized TrafficsChu, Thi My Chinh; Phan, Hoc; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen2014
The dynamics and evolution of local industries-the case of linköping, swedenFredin, Sabrina2014
E-Technologies in teaching research methodology for engineers – a case study of the course for international postgraduate studentsKulesza, Wlodek J.; Jachimczyk, Bartosz; Dziak, Damian2014
Early identification of bottlenecks in very large scale system of systems software developmentPetersen, Kai; Roos, Peter; Nyström, Staffan; Runeson, Per2014
Ebola: an open letter to European governmentsMartin-Moreno, J.M.; Ricciardi, W.; Bjegovic-Mikanovic, V.; Maguire, P.; McKee, M.; Stjernberg, Louise2014
Effect of resonant absorption in viscous and dry vibrating contact: Mathematical models and theory connected with slow dynamics and friction weldingGazizov, Rafail; Ibragimov, Nail; Rudenko, Oleg2014

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