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In press: Entrepreneurship and innovation networksKarlsson, Charlie; Warda, Peter2014
In press: EUropeanisation or Europeanisation of spatial planning?Faludi, Andreas2014
In press: Growth in international new ventures: facilitating and redundant components beyond start-upLjungquist, Urban; Ghannad, Navid2014
In press: Hybrid Interweave-Underlay Spectrum Access for Cognitive Cooperative Radio NetworksChu, Thi My Chinh; Phan, Hoc; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen2014
In press: Improved concept drift handling in surgery prediction and other applicationsBeyene, Ayne A.; Welemariam, Tewelle; Persson, Marie; Lavesson, Niklas2014
In press: Innovation determinants over industry life cycleTavassoli, Sam2014
In press: Performance Analysis of a Cognitive Radio Network with a Buffered RelayTran, Hung; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Phan, Hoc; Sibomana, Louis2014
In press: Performance analysis of MIMO cognitive amplify-and-forward relay networks with orthogonal space–time block codesChu, Thi My Chinh; Phan, Hoc; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen2014
In press: Software Development in Startup Companies: A Systematic Mapping StudyPaternoster, Nicolò; Giardino, Carmine; Unterkalmsteiner, Michael; Gorschek, Tony; Abrahamsson, Pekka2014
In press: Teaching International Students How to Avoid Plagiarism: Librarians and Faculty in CollaborationGunnarsson, Jenny; Kulesza, Wlodek J.; Pettersson, Anette2014
In press: The friction and wear properties of Polypropylene composite filled with carbon fiber and Polyamide 6Li, JIan; Kao-Walter, Sharon2014
In press: The role of knowledge variety and intensity for regional innovationTavassoli, Sam; Carbonara, Nunzia2014
In press: Transfer learning in effort estimationKocaguneli, Ekrem2014
In press: Unbalanced Dynamic Capabilities as Obstacles of Organisational Efficiency: Implementation Issues in Innovative Technology AdoptionLjungquist, Urban2014
In press: VLQoE: Video QoE instrumentation on the smartphoneIckin, Selim; Fiedler, Markus; Wac, Katarzyna; Arlos, Patrik; Temiz, Canberk; Mkocha, Khadija2014
In the quest for economic significance: Assessing variable importance through mean value decompositionHolgersson, Thomas; Norman, Therese; Tavassoli, Sam2014
Integration of biofuel production into district heating - part I: an evaluation of biofuel production costs using four types of biofuel production plants as case studiesIlic, Danica Djuric; Dotzauer, Erik; Trygg, Louise; Broman, Göran2014
Integration of biofuel production into district heating Part II: an evaluation of the district heating production costs using Stockholm as a case studyIlic, Danica Djuric; Dotzauer, Erik; Trygg, Louise; Broman, Göran2014
Introduction of large-scale biofuel production in a district heating system - an opportunity for reduction of global greenhouse gas emissionsIlic, Danica Djuric; Dotzauer, Erik; Trygg, Louise; Broman, Göran2014
Key-hiding on the ARM platformNilsson, Alexander; Andersson, Marcus; Axelsson, Stefan2014
Mapping customer needs to engineering characteristics: an aerospace perspective for conceptual designEres, Murat Hakki; Bertoni, Marco; Kossman, Mario; Scanlan, James2014
A method for evaluation of learning componentsLavesson, Niklas; Boeva, Veselka; Elena, Tsiporkova; Davidsson, Paul2014
Modelling modal choice effects of regulation on low-sulphur marine fuels in Northern EuropeHolmgren, Johan; Nikopoulou, Zoi; Ramstedt, Linda; Woxenius, Johan2014
Nonlinear self-adjointness of the Krichever-Novikov equationGaliakberova, L. R.; Ibragimov, Nail2014
Overcoming the equivalent mutant problem: A systematic literature review and a comparative experiment of second order mutationMadeyski, Lech; Orzeszyna, Wojciech; Torkar, Richard; Józala, Mariusz2014
Performing materialities: Exploring mixed media reality and Moby-DickHolloway-Attaway, Lissa2014
Personality, emotional intelligence and work preferences in software engineering: An empirical studyKosti, Makrina Viola; Feldt, Robert; Angelis, Lefteris2014
Prediction of faults-slip-through in large software projects: an empirical evaluationAfzal, Wasif; Torkar, Richard; Feldt, Robert; Gorschek, Tony2014
Psychosocial work environment, stress factors and individual characteristics among nursing staff in psychiatric in-patient careTuvesson, Hanna; Eklund, Mona2014
Resources Contributing to Gaining Competitive Advantage for Open Source Software Projects: An Application of Resource-Based TheoryGhapanchi, Amir H.; Wohlin, Claes; Aurum, Aybüke2014

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