Inlämning av Examensarbete / Submission of Thesis

Adnan Muhammad MCS-2006:03, pp. 41. TEK/avd. för interaktion och systemdesign, 2006.

The work

Författare / Author: Adnan Muhammad
Titel / Title: Remote Testing of home based computers
Abstrakt Abstract:

Security testing is a topic that many organizations are discussing to impose on their tool in order to detect security threats. During my thesis work I used HIAB (Hacker in a Box) and Nessus (remote vulnerability security tool) to find out the vulnerabilities in the remote client PC. This thesis describes in detail the severe security issues which were found while running an experiment at an office network and individual home PC also through remote accessing and scanning. The results were inferred by describing the different security threats and vulnerabilities.

Populärvetenskaplig beskrivning / Popular science summary: This is 60 point Master Programme in Computer Science Thesis
Ämnesord / Subject: Datavetenskap - Computer Science\Computersystems
Datavetenskap - Computer Science\Networks and Communications
Datavetenskap - Computer Science\General
Nyckelord / Keywords: vulnerability, remote testing

Publication info

Dokument id / Document id:
Program:/ Programme Datavetenskapligt program/Computer Science
Registreringsdatum / Date of registration: 01/22/2008
Uppsatstyp / Type of thesis: D-Uppsats/Magister/Master


Handledare / Supervisor: Hans Kyhlbäck
Examinator / Examiner: Rune Gustavsson
Organisation / Organisation: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Institution / School: TEK/avd. för interaktion och systemdesign
S-372 25 Ronneby
+46 455 38 50 00

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