Inlämning av Examensarbete / Submission of Thesis

Lei Lu; WeiGuang Zhang; WeiQing Zhang , pp. 93. TEK/avd. för maskinteknik, 2008.

The work

Författare / Author: Lei Lu, WeiGuang Zhang, WeiQing Zhang
Titel / Title: Transitioning Wood Furniture Products towards Sustainability
Abstrakt Abstract:

Wood Furniture Products (WFPs) play a significant role in both the global economy and the transition of society towards sustainability. This paper begins with a brief description of the industry and highlights the current challenges and compelling measures of WFPs from a systems perspective through the lens of the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD) and by applying backcasting from sustainability principles (SPs). An examination of the challenges and opportunities of WFPs is performed using an ABCD analysis based on Strategic Life Cycle Management (SLCM). SLCM and Templates for Sustainable Product Development (TSPDs) approaches were applied in order to engage the participating Ningbo Fubang Company in the transition process towards sustainability and to provide an applicable tool for WFP development. The TSPDs were created based on the views of sustainability and WFP experts. This has developed the templates further and contributed to the overall development of the WFPs towards sustainability. Other recommended and compelling measures for the sustainable development of WFPs include: cooperating with non-government organizations (NGOs), conserving forests resources, clean production methods, "take-back" policy in the wood furniture industry, reforming government policies relevant to the industry, implementing waste management systems, green supply chains, clean energy use and distribution, and smart packaging.

Ämnesord / Subject: Hållbar utveckling - Sustainability\Business
Hållbar utveckling - Sustainability\General
Hållbar utveckling - Sustainability\Strategic Planning
Nyckelord / Keywords: wood furniture products, strategic life cycle management, TSPDs, ABCD analysis

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Program:/ Programme Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability
Registreringsdatum / Date of registration: 06/09/2008
Uppsatstyp / Type of thesis: D-Uppsats/Magister/Master


Handledare / Supervisor: Anthony Thompson
Organisation / Organisation: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Institution / School: TEK/avd. för maskinteknik
S-371 41 Karlskrona
+46 455 38 50 00

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