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Aasim, MuhammadUsability Evaluation of Digital Library BTH a case study2009
Abdelrasoul, NaderOptimization Techniques For an Artificial Potential Fields Racing Car Controller2013
Abghari, ShahroozOpen Data for Anomaly Detection in Maritime Surveillance2012
Abrahamsson, CharlotteWLAN Security: IEEE 802.11b or Bluetooth - which standard provides best security methods for companies?2004
Adedigba, AdetayoStructural Design of an RFID-Based System: a way of solving some election problems in Africa2008
Adnan, MuhammadComparative Analysis of two Open Source Network Monitoring Systems: Nagios & OpenNMS2010
Afzal, JavedAchieving eHealth interoperability Via peer-to-peer communication Using JXTA Technology2010
Ahmad, LuqmanA Comparative Evaluation of Usability for the iPhone and iPad2011
Ahmed, NisarFor Improved Energy Economy – How Can Extended Smart Metering Be Displayed? 2011
Ahmed, Qutub UddinContext Aware Reminder System: Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensors Supporting Context-Based Reminder Systems2014
Akhtar, JawadVirtual reality: Effective surroundings, Enormous demonstration and mediator system in the games, industrial design and manufacturing2008
Al-Leddawi, MustafaReviewing Security and Privacy Aspects in Combined Mobile Information System (CMIS) for health care systems2007
Alam, TariqThe Challenge of Usability Evaluation of Online Social Networks with a Focus on Facebook2010
Ali, HazratA Performance Evaluation of RPL in Contiki2012
Ali, IsrarUsability Requirements for GIS Application: Comparative Study of Google Maps on PC and Smartphone2011
Ali, LiaqatEvaluation of Accessibility Through Mobile Phones2012
Ali, Md. LiakatSecurity Threats in Mobile Ad Hoc Network2007
Ali, MuhammadThe Challenge of Usability Evaluation of Online Social Networks with a Focus on Facebook2010
Ali, Muhammad UsmanUsability Evaluation of Digital Library BTH a case study2009
Ali, WaqasCase Study Of Mobile Internet User Experience2012
Ali, ZahoorThe role of Machine Learning in Predicting CABG Surgery Duration2011
Allblom, ViktorEvaluating Agent Strategies for the TAC Supply Chain Management Competition2004
Amin, Muhammad FaisalWeb Server Performance Evaluation in Cloud Computing and Local Environment2012
Amiri, Mohammad Reza ShamsAutomated Camera Placement using Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization2014
Andersson, HeinzA comparison of UML and WAE-UML for the design of Web applications2005
Antkowiak, ŁukaszParallel algorithms of timetable generation2013
Anwar, MahwishVirtual Firewalling For Migrating Virtual Machines In Cloud Computing2013
Anwar, NaveedWeb Site Usability, Technical and Social Perspectives2012


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