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Show details for Electrical Engineering with emphasis on TelecommunicationElectrical Engineering with emphasis on Telecommunication
Show details for ElektroteknikElektroteknik
Show details for EntreprenörsutbildningEntreprenörsutbildning
Show details for European Master on Software EngineeringEuropean Master on Software Engineering
Show details for Folkhälsovetenskap med inriktning mot samhällsplanering/Bachelor programme in Public Health Science with emphaFolkhälsovetenskap med inriktning mot samhällsplanering/Bachelor programme in Public Health Science with emphasis on Community Planning
Show details for Fristående kursFristående kurs
Show details for Fysisk Planering/Spatial PlanningFysisk Planering/Spatial Planning
Show details for FöretagsekonomiFöretagsekonomi
Show details for Humanistiskt programHumanistiskt program
Show details for Informationsekonomi/Business Administration in Strategic Systems ManagementInformationsekonomi/Business Administration in Strategic Systems Management
Show details for Informationssystem/ISInformationssystem/IS
Show details for Informationsteknologiutbildning/Information TechnologyInformationsteknologiutbildning/Information Technology
Show details for Interaktion och designInteraktion och design
Show details for International Information Systems, 120 poängInternational Information Systems, 120 poäng
Show details for International Software EngineeringInternational Software Engineering
Show details for Internationell ADB/International ISInternationell ADB/International IS
Show details for InternetsystemsInternetsystems
Show details for IT-säkerhet/Security EngineeringIT-säkerhet/Security Engineering
Hide details for Litteratur, kultur och digitala medierLitteratur, kultur och digitala medier
Agadagba, EfeogheneIdentity Construction on Social Network Sites: Facebook2011
Chohan, Imran RiazIdentity, hyperreality and Science fiction: Matrix and Neuromancer2012
Erel, SarperFrom 2001 A Space Odyssey to Minority Report: Reflections of Imagining Future on Science Fiction 2012
Ghazouani, Anas ElHow Meta-Films Can Serve Cinema2012
Jansson, RobinSilence in Adventure Games and Space2012
Kiraly, ThomAn Angel Passes By: Posthuman and Acousmatic Voices in Digitally Mediated Contemporary Live Poetry2012
Mahzoon, AlirezaManipulated Private and Public Spheres: The Use of Control Technologies by Totalitarian Regimes 2012
Ogungbemi, Funke Jaiyeola neeCollaborative Virtual Environments: Identity Construction in Online Environments with a Focus on Facebook2011
Wu, DiWhat Distinguishes Humans from Artificial Beings in Science Fiction World2012
, Ali TehraniAlternative media: Empowerment in individuals in totalitarian societies.2012
Show details for Magisterprogram Datavetenskap, 40 poäng/Master programme Computer ScienceMagisterprogram Datavetenskap, 40 poäng/Master programme Computer Science


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