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Al-hedny, SuhadEuropean Community Measures to Reduce Nitrate Pollution2010
Altybaeva, AltynaiEU Innovative programs supporting regional development in UK. A case study on East England and North East, UK2005
Anderson, EricSustainable Development Within The Region Strategies and The Complex Social System: What Can Turkey and U.S.A. learn from Skåne, Sweden2006
André, DanielPolycentrism in national spatial plans in Europe: towards a common spatial vision?2009
Ankers, GregRegional Disparities in Food Retailing2005
Araz, Saruhan UtkuSmall Fast Growing Dynamic Economies in Europe: A Case Study of the Port Cities of Klaipeda and Cork2007
Beban, AnaContribution of Tourism to the Sustainable Development of the Local Community: Case Studies of Alanya and Dubrovnik2006
Beck, AnnikaCross-Border Polycentric Metropolitan Regions - The Case of the Greater Region2011
Benediktsdóttir, Valgerdur GrétaA study on industrial towns' development - Ludvika's challenges2012
Bengtsson, MariaMutual Influence between EU Transnational Interreg Programmes and National Planning Authorities-The Cases of Sweden and Denmark:A Comparison2010
Bergström, OskarMumbai- The bicycle friendly city2012
Bernhardt, JanUrban Sprawl - origins and environmental consequences2007
Bernström, PeterBuilding a sustainable region? The fourth city region2008
BISWAS, KALLOL KUMARChanging Climate; Bangladesh Facing the Challenge of Severe Flood Problems; A Comparison of Flood Management between Bangladesh and the Netherlands 2010
Boloz, KatarzynaThe regional impact of low-cost carriers - Case study of Katowice and Skavsta airports2009
Brox, Mario SánchezCompetitive Global Ports for Regional Economic Development: The Port of Valencia2014
Bruehmann, TimoImplementation of the ESDP - the example of North West Europe2005
Böber, ElisabethSeeds of Change - Urban Agriculture2013
Böhm, MartinThe demographic decline - The case of Sweden: The shrinking process in remote rural areas2011
Caesar, BeateFast Track Networks in the European Union2011
Capano, ImmanuelRenewable Energy Policy Practices: Three European Cases.2012
Cereda, ValentinaCompact City and Densification Strategy. The case of Gothenburg.2009


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