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Al-hedny, SuhadEuropean Community Measures to Reduce Nitrate Pollution2010
Altybaeva, AltynaiEU Innovative programs supporting regional development in UK. A case study on East England and North East, UK2005
Anderson, EricSustainable Development Within The Region Strategies and The Complex Social System: What Can Turkey and U.S.A. learn from Skåne, Sweden2006
André, DanielPolycentrism in national spatial plans in Europe: towards a common spatial vision?2009
Ankers, GregRegional Disparities in Food Retailing2005
Araz, Saruhan UtkuSmall Fast Growing Dynamic Economies in Europe: A Case Study of the Port Cities of Klaipeda and Cork2007
Beban, AnaContribution of Tourism to the Sustainable Development of the Local Community: Case Studies of Alanya and Dubrovnik2006
Beck, AnnikaCross-Border Polycentric Metropolitan Regions - The Case of the Greater Region2011
Benediktsdóttir, Valgerdur GrétaA study on industrial towns' development - Ludvika's challenges2012
Bengtsson, MariaMutual Influence between EU Transnational Interreg Programmes and National Planning Authorities-The Cases of Sweden and Denmark:A Comparison2010
Bernhardt, JanUrban Sprawl - origins and environmental consequences2007
Bernström, PeterBuilding a sustainable region? The fourth city region2008
BISWAS, KALLOL KUMARChanging Climate; Bangladesh Facing the Challenge of Severe Flood Problems; A Comparison of Flood Management between Bangladesh and the Netherlands 2010
Boloz, KatarzynaThe regional impact of low-cost carriers - Case study of Katowice and Skavsta airports2009
Brox, Mario SánchezCompetitive Global Ports for Regional Economic Development: The Port of Valencia2014
Bruehmann, TimoImplementation of the ESDP - the example of North West Europe2005
Böber, ElisabethSeeds of Change - Urban Agriculture2013
Böhm, MartinThe demographic decline - The case of Sweden: The shrinking process in remote rural areas2011
Caesar, BeateFast Track Networks in the European Union2011
Capano, ImmanuelRenewable Energy Policy Practices: Three European Cases.2012
Cereda, ValentinaCompact City and Densification Strategy. The case of Gothenburg.2009
Cheng, ZengUrban Sprawl: how to prevent from urbanization to counterurbanization - the Research and Thinking of Compact City and Satellite City2010
Deva, FatonA Future Wine Cluster in Kosova?2007
Diwangkari, AndyanMetropolitan Transport Planning Collaboration in Decentralized Indonesia. Case Study of Greater Yogyakarta2014
Dong, XiaominUrban Colourscape Planning - A Colour Study of the Architecture of Karlskrona2009
Dong, ZhiBeijing- the Forming of a Polycentric Megacity2011
Donnabháin, Ian OAn Analysis of Interreg Projects across Europe - A critical examination on the role of networks and the implementation of EU concepts2007
Dozhdeva, ViktoriyaCulture and creativity as instruments for local development. A study of practices in smaller European cities.2014
Do, NanjuHow to create cultural clusters in historical regions2006


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