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Afzal, WasifMetrics in Software Test Planning and Test Design Processes2007
Ahl, ViggoAn experimental comparison of five prioritization methods - Investigating ease of use, accuracy and scalability2005
Ahmad, RaheelOn the Scalability of Four Multi-Agent Architectures for Load Control Management in Intelligent Networks 2003
Alam, Payam NorouziAgile Process Recommendations for a Market-driven Company2003
Andersson, BjörnSoftware Reliability Prediction – An Evaluation of a Novel Technique2004
Andersson, Johan W.Human-like Behaviour in Real-Time Strategy Games: An Experiment With Genetic Algorithms2003
Arneng, PerPerformance Analysis of Distributed Object Middleware Technologies2003
Awan, RashidRequirements Engineering Process Maturity Model for Market Driven Projects - The REPM-M Model2005
Axelsson, MattiasBusiness Process Performance Measurement for Rollout Success2004
Baig, ImranMeasuring Cohesion and Coupling of Object-Oriented Systems Derivation and Mutual Study of Cohesion and Coupling2004
Barrio, JesusAutomated testing in changeable systems -Techniques to support modifications2004
Bengtsson, JonasThriving at the Edge of Chaos2004
Berntsson-Svensson, RichardSuccessful Software Projects and Products - A quantitative study2006
Bhoomgoud, UdayAn Empirical Study On Requirements Engineering Core Practices2005
Bladh, RichardPerformance Analysis of Distributed Object Middleware Technologies2003
Bohdanowicz, DanielToward Tool Support for Usage of Object-Oriented Design Patterns Expressed in Unified Modeling Language2005
Boldt, MartinInvestigating Spyware in Peer-to-Peer Tools2003
Bondesson, TobiasSoftware Engineering Education Improvement: An Assessment of a Software Engineering Programme2004
Borowski, JimmySoftware Architecture Simulation - Performance evaluation during the design phase2004
Carimo, RossanaEvaluation of the UML profile for QoS from the user perspective2007
Claesson, JonasCMP Developer -A CASE Tool Supporting the Complete CMP Development Process2004
Darinder, FredrikDesigning and Evaluating a Development Framework2006
Dobrzanski, LukaszUML Model Refactoring - Support for Maintenance of Executable UML Models2005
Dogs, CarstenAn Evaluation of the Usage of Agile Core Practices - How they are used in industry and what we can learn from their usage2004
Dowert, MichaelSoftware Monitoring & Repair2003
Eriksson, OlleExperiences from Simulating TSP Clusters in the Simics Full System Simulator2004
Erlandsson, EmilExperiences from Simulating TSP Clusters in the Simics Full System Simulator2004


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