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Hide details for Magisterprogram Programvaruteknik, 40 poäng/Masters programme Software EngineeringMagisterprogram Programvaruteknik, 40 poäng/Masters programme Software Engineering
Afzal, WasifMetrics in Software Test Planning and Test Design Processes2007
Ahl, ViggoAn experimental comparison of five prioritization methods - Investigating ease of use, accuracy and scalability2005
Ahmad, RaheelOn the Scalability of Four Multi-Agent Architectures for Load Control Management in Intelligent Networks 2003
Alam, Payam NorouziAgile Process Recommendations for a Market-driven Company2003
Andersson, BjörnSoftware Reliability Prediction – An Evaluation of a Novel Technique2004
Andersson, Johan W.Human-like Behaviour in Real-Time Strategy Games: An Experiment With Genetic Algorithms2003
Arneng, PerPerformance Analysis of Distributed Object Middleware Technologies2003
Awan, RashidRequirements Engineering Process Maturity Model for Market Driven Projects - The REPM-M Model2005
Axelsson, MattiasBusiness Process Performance Measurement for Rollout Success2004
Baig, ImranMeasuring Cohesion and Coupling of Object-Oriented Systems Derivation and Mutual Study of Cohesion and Coupling2004
Barrio, JesusAutomated testing in changeable systems -Techniques to support modifications2004
Bengtsson, JonasThriving at the Edge of Chaos2004
Berntsson-Svensson, RichardSuccessful Software Projects and Products - A quantitative study2006
Bhoomgoud, UdayAn Empirical Study On Requirements Engineering Core Practices2005
Bladh, RichardPerformance Analysis of Distributed Object Middleware Technologies2003
Bohdanowicz, DanielToward Tool Support for Usage of Object-Oriented Design Patterns Expressed in Unified Modeling Language2005
Boldt, MartinInvestigating Spyware in Peer-to-Peer Tools2003
Bondesson, TobiasSoftware Engineering Education Improvement: An Assessment of a Software Engineering Programme2004
Borowski, JimmySoftware Architecture Simulation - Performance evaluation during the design phase2004
Carimo, RossanaEvaluation of the UML profile for QoS from the user perspective2007
Claesson, JonasCMP Developer -A CASE Tool Supporting the Complete CMP Development Process2004
Darinder, FredrikDesigning and Evaluating a Development Framework2006
Dobrzanski, LukaszUML Model Refactoring - Support for Maintenance of Executable UML Models2005
Dogs, CarstenAn Evaluation of the Usage of Agile Core Practices - How they are used in industry and what we can learn from their usage2004
Dowert, MichaelSoftware Monitoring & Repair2003
Eriksson, OlleExperiences from Simulating TSP Clusters in the Simics Full System Simulator2004
Erlandsson, EmilExperiences from Simulating TSP Clusters in the Simics Full System Simulator2004
Evertsson, GustavOptimizing Genetic Algorithms for Time Critical Problems2003
Gurp, Jilles vanDesign Principles for Reusable, Composable and extensible Frameworks1999


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