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Abbas, Syed ShahidCommunication Risks and Best practices in Global Software Development2011
Abdullah, Hafiz MuhammadDeciding on Optimum Set of Measures in Software Organizations2009
Ahmad, AzeemEffective Distribution of Roles and Responsibilities in Global Software Development Teams2012
Ahmad, EhsanTowards Optimization of Software V&V Activities in the Space Industry [Two Industrial Case Studies]2009
Ahmed, IsrarMinimizing Defects Originating from Elicitation, Analysis and Negotiation (E and A&N) Phase in Bespoke Requirements Engineering2009
Ahmed, Mohammad Abdur Razzak and RajibKnowledge Management in Distributed Agile Projects2013
Ahmed, NadeemPerformance Evaluation of Windows Communication Foundation’s Interoperability2010
Ahmed, ShoainEvaluating Evolutionary Prototyping for Customizable Generic Products in Industry 2008
ahmed, TanveerIntegrating Exploratory Testing In Software Testing Life Cycle, A Controlled Experiment2012
Ahmed, ZohaibA Framework for Security Requirements - Security Requirements Categorization and Misuse Cases2011
Al-Refai, AliCloud Computing - Trends and Performance Issues2011
Ali, ImranEvaluation of the Effects of Pair Programming on Performance and Social Practices in Distributed Software Development2011
Ali, Nauman binTowards Innovation Measurement in Software Industry2010
Ali, SajadInvestigation of Failure and Success Factors of Integration Process in Global Software Development: Literature Review and Delphi Survey2010
Allahyari, HivaOn the concept of Understandability as a Property of Data mining Quality2010
Alvi, Usman SattarA Mix Testing Process Integrating Two Manual Testing Approaches: Exploratory Testing and Test Case Based Testing2010
Amin, MuhammadInvestigating the Suitability of Extreme Programming for Global Software Development: A Systematic Review and Industrial Survey2013
Amiri, Javad MohammadianA Comprehensive Evaluation of Conversion Approaches for Different Function Points2011
Amjad, Ansur MahmoodISTQB: Black Box testing Strategies used in Financial Industry for Functional testing2009
Ansari, Rehan Javed.The Use of SCRUM in Global Software Development – An Empirical Study2010
Arshad, ZakiAutomated Debugging and Bug Fixing Solutions: A Systematic Literature Review and Classification2013
Arslan, MuhammadA Roadmap for Usability and User Experience Measurement during early phases of Web Applications Development 2010
Asghari, NeginEvaluating GQM+ Strategies Framework for Planning Measurement System2012
Ayaz, MuhammadInvestigation of Customer-Driven Innovation2013
Azhar, HassanStatistical Debugging of Programs written in Dynamic Programming Language - RUBY2010
Bandi, Srinivas GoudTeamwork in Distributed Agile Software Development2013
Bhatti, Ansar MalookDeciding on Optimum Set of Measures in Software Organizations2009
Bhatti, KhurramEffectiveness of Exploratory Testing, An empirical scrutiny of the challenges and factors affecting the defect detection efficiency2010
Bilski, MateuszMigration from blocking to non-blocking web frameworks2014


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