Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence

A Boosted-Window Ensemble Haroon Elahi
A Communicating and Controllable Teammate Bot for RTS GamesMatteus Magnusson,
Suresh Balsasubramaniyan
A Computer Aided Detection System for Cerebral Microbleeds in Brain MRIBabak Ghafary Asl
A first approach in applying Artificial Potential Fields in Car GamesTim Uusitalo
A Machine Learning Approach for Studying Linked Residential BurglariesÁngela Marqués Márquez
A machine learning approach in financial marketsChristian Ewö
A Method for Membership Card Generation Based on Clustering and Optimization Models in A HypermarketChen Xiaojun,
Premlal Bhattrai
A Mixture-of-Experts Approach for Gene Regulatory Network InferenceBorong Shao
A Multi-agent player for Settlers of CatanRashdan Raees Natiq. Haseeb Saleem
A Multi-Agent System for playing the board game RiskFredrik Olsson
A Multi-Agent System for playing the board game RiskFredrik Olsson
A Smart-Dashboard: Augmenting safe & smooth driving Muhammad Akhlaq
A Study in 3D Structure Detection Implementing Forward Camera MotionD.M.BAPPY,
A Vision and Differential Steering System for a Mobile Robot PlatformAbujawad Rafid Siddiqui
A Vision for a Better User Experience in a Smart HomeSicong Ma,
Prina Shah,
Jun Che
Adaptive goal oriented action planning for RTS gamesMatteus Magnusson,
Tobias Hall
Adaptive Goal Oriented Action Planning for RTS GamesTobias Hall,
Matteus Magnusson
AgentChess - An Agent Chess ApproachHenric Fransson
AI-controlled life in Role-playing gamesBertil Jeppsson
AI in Neverwinter Nights using Dynamic ScriptingRasmus Nordling,
Robin Rietz Berntsson
Algorithm and related software to detect human bodies in an indoor environmentRoberto Sánchez-Rey
Algorithms for knowledge discovery using relation identification methodsJakub Tomczak
Alzheimer's Disease Stage Prediction using Machine Learning and Multi Agent SystemHenok Wordoffa,
Ezedin Wangoria 
An Agent-Based Approach for Automating the Process of Charging Plug-in Electric VehiclesÜlkan Fuat Civelek
An agent based protocol for parallel negotiation of dependent resourcesOmme Kulsumunnessa,
Zaruhi Aslanyan 
An Electric Field Approach - A Strategy for Sony Four-Legged Robot SoccerJohn Johansson
An Empirical Study of Machine Learning Techniques for Classifying Emotional States from EEG DataAhmad Tauseef Sohaib,
Shahnawaz Qureshi
An Imitation-Learning based Agentplaying Super MarioMagnus Lindberg
An Online Machine Learning Algorithm for Heat Load Forecasting in District Heating SystemsSpyridon Provatas
An Optimisation Model for Sea Port Equipment ConfigurationGideon Mbiydzenyuy



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