Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Computersystems

Transcoding H.265/HEVCSina Tamanna
3D och kommunal fysisk planeringJonas Alborn
A Comparison of Three Computer System SimulatorsUlf Urdén
A Controlled Experiment on Analytical Hierarchy Process and Cumulative Voting-Investigating Time, Scalability, Accuracy, Ease of Use and Ease of LearningDeepak Sahni
A guideline for evaluating OODBMSsAnders Carlsson
A Multi-agent player for Settlers of CatanRashdan Raees Natiq. Haseeb Saleem
A multi-agent system playing Settlers of CatanLuca Branca
A Multi Agent Web Based Simulation Model for Evaluating Container Terminal ManagementSyed Sikandar Bakht,
Qazi Sohail Ahmad
A Multi Agent Web Based Simulation Model for Evaluating Container Terminal ManagementSyed Sikandar Bakht,
Qazi Sohail Ahmad
A performance and installation research in web server solutions for small e-commerce systems.Erfan Shirazi,
Mattias Håkansson,
Christian Abels
A Performance Evaluation of RPL in ContikiHazrat Ali
A PMIPv6 Approach to Maintain Network Connectivity during VM Live Migration over the InternetSolomon Kassahun,
Atinkut Demissie
A practical approach toward architectures for open computational systemsJimmy Carlsson
A Programmable Hardware Channel Encoder for GSMGabor Lakatos,
Peter Palvén
A Reliable Study of Software Reputation Based on User ExperienceXiao Cai,
Tie Duan
A Smart-Dashboard: Augmenting safe & smooth driving Muhammad Akhlaq
A SmartWardrobe - Augmenting laundry planningWenceslaus Mumala,
Vincent Oke
A study on groupware choice in companiesAnna-Karin Holmberg,
Caroline Petersson
A study on the use of OpenGL in window systemsJohan Persson
A Systematic Review of Automated Test Data Generation TechniquesShahid Mahmood
A Taxonomy of SQL Injection Defense TechniquesDhiraj Aryal,
Anup Shakya
A Vision and Differential Steering System for a Mobile Robot PlatformAbujawad Rafid Siddiqui
Accessing E-banking based on Resilient TransactionArnold Popo-ola,
Sunday Olowookere
Achieving Personalized Interoperable Patient Information Systems;benefits & challenges in Swedish contextSyed Muhammad Taha Wasti
Achieving Security in Messaging and Personal Content in Symbian PhonesAhmed Enany
Adaptation of Software Testability Concept for Test Suite Generation - A systematic reviewPrakash Malla,
Bhupendra Gurung
Agent based simulation for C-AGVs at Intermodal TerminalAli Awais Syed,
Jan Milants
An agent based protocol for parallel negotiation of dependent resourcesOmme Kulsumunnessa,
Zaruhi Aslanyan 
An Analysis of Bluetooth Technology,Features,Future and SecurityMalik Zaka Ullah
An Empirical Study of Machine Learning Techniques for Classifying Emotional States from EEG DataAhmad Tauseef Sohaib,
Shahnawaz Qureshi



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