Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Hållbar utveckling - Sustainability: Business

Integrating Participatory Processes in Planning for Strategic Sustainable DevelopmentAlison Cretney,
Steven Cretney,
Tracy Meisterheim
A Strategic Sustainable Development (SSD) Approach for Executing Vision 2050 Sara Flores Carreño,
Tamar Harel,
Carmelina Macario
Addressing the Barriers to Regional Electric Vehicle Projects through Stakeholder EngagementKareisa Hidy,
Maryam Javanmashmool,
Nathalie Nathe
Applying Strategic Sustainability: For Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesRachelle McElroy,
Itzel Orozco,
Renee Simard
Applying the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development to Water managementHervé-Bazin Olivier,
Iacovino Carlo,
Ren Hanzi
Areas of Inquiry: Guiding FSSD practitioners at the beginning of a change initiative towards sustainabilityMichaela Hogenboom,
Amy Mireault,
Thaela Stolz
Barriers and Assets for Sustainability in Japanese OrganizationsKiminori Isaka,
Yurie Makihara,
Samuel Pereda
Be in the Loop: Circular Economy & Strategic Sustainable Development Nicola Bechtel,
Roman Bojko,
Ronja Völkel 
Behind the Scenes: Media Industry Stakeholders Collaborating Towards SustainabilityGeorgina Guillen,
Jennifer Katan,
Bin Xu
Billiard ClubZixiang Chen
Business Climate Change Adaptation Strategies as Contributions towards a Sustainable SocietyJulia Toledo Ribeiro Pereira,
Sophie Dunkerley,
Timothy Nichols
Carbon Neutrality as Leverage in Transitioning a Financial Organisation Towards SustainabilityTamara Connell,
Melanie Dubin,
Magdalena Szpala
Co-creating a sustainability strategy in a Product/Service-System value-based network of stakeholdersAdrià Garcia i Mateu,
Zhe Li,
Petronella Tyson
Communicating Sustainability through Design within Retail Environments Daniel Hendry,
Lawrence Silcox,
Nobuko Yokoyama
Connected Urban Development (CUD) Initiative as an Approach towards Sustainability in Urban AreasKhuloud Odeh,
Annita Seckinger,
Carina Forsman-Knecht
Corporate Social Responsibility i Nordea & Swedbank – Hur har den utvecklats?Alexandra Persson,
Emma Johansson,
Sahar Zandian
Corporate Sustainability/CSR Communications and Value Creation: A Marketing ApproachBibri Mohamed
Cultivating personal leadership capacities to facilitate collaboration in Strategic Sustainable DevelopmentChristopher Baan,
Phil Long,
Dana Pearlman
Cultivating the Social Field: Strategically moving Urban Agricultural Projects towards SustainabilityAshley Courtney,
Brendan McShane,
Ella Wiles
Embedding socio-ecological sustainability into impact investor due diligence.Gustavo Correia,
Nathaniel Koloc,
Naomi Smith
Entrepreneurs as Change Agents to Move Communities towards SustainabilityLaura MacKay,
Ann Scheerer,
Tomomi Takada
Environmental Management Systems and Sustainability: Integrating Sustainability in Environmental Management SystemsPolin Saha,
Salman Ahmad,
Ashfaq Abbasi,
Masood Khan
Exploring Culture Changes to Help Develop Product-Service SystemsMengqiong Liu
Fair-Trade Purchasing - An analysis of consumer purchasing attitudes and the challenges of fair-trade products in the UKGodwill Enow-Ebot
From Clean Development to Strategic Sustainable Development: Strategic planning for the Clean Development MechanismGeorges Dyer,
Michelle McKay,
Mauricio Mira
Health and Strategic Sustainability: Business to BusinessDavid Nelson,
Renée Lazarowich
Hedersrelaterat våld och förtryck - En kartläggning hos Värmlands läns berörda verksamheter och ideella organisationerMarika Andersson
How can a destination resort development company be strategic in sustainable development?Carmen Turner,
Archie Kasnet
How can a destination resort development company be strategic in sustainable development?Carmen Turner,
Archie Kasnet
How do Global Retail Companies utilize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?Greg Jogie,
Ayaz Shukat