Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Hållbar utveckling - Sustainability: Strategic Planning

Integrating Participatory Processes in Planning for Strategic Sustainable DevelopmentAlison Cretney,
Steven Cretney,
Tracy Meisterheim
A Facilitating Platform for Energy & Climate Change Programs - a Case within Municipalities in Southeast SwedenRajeev Akireddy,
Yuan Zhi,
Evelyne Lyatuu
A Future Wine Cluster in Kosova?Faton Deva
A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Community Development in the Developing WorldAli Al-Dahir,
Hye-Jeong Kang and Nicholas Bisley
A Learning Organization? Evaluating the University of Canterbury's Strategic Transition toward SustainabilityMandy Tew
A PSS-based process: Towards the participation of elderly in co-development of sustainable habitat solutionsItziar López
A Reference Searching Related To Nanomaterials,Food Packaging and SustainabilityAruoture Onome Tonnie
A Relational View into Sustainability: Change-Agent Experiences in Large CompaniesBerivan Mine Ferhanoğlu,
Claude Tremblay,
Marine Deplante,
Paweł Porowski
A Strategic and Transformative Approach to Education for Sustainable DevelopmentAnita Berner,
Sebastian Lobo,
Narayan Silva
A Strategic Approach for Sustainability and Resilience Planning within MunicipalitiesAlexandra Chuvarayan,
Celia Peterson,
Isabelle Martel
A Strategic Approach to Sustainable Development through Official Development AssistanceAntonios Balaskas,
Eduardo Lima,
Tyler Seed
Addressing the Barriers to Regional Electric Vehicle Projects through Stakeholder EngagementKareisa Hidy,
Maryam Javanmashmool,
Nathalie Nathe
An Innovation Approach for Sustainable Product and Product-Service System DevelopmentKara Davis,
Pinar Öncel,
Qingqing Yang
An Introduction to Needs Based DesignNatalie Haltrich,
Ella Lawton,
Geoffrey Stack
Applying Strategic Sustainability: For Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesRachelle McElroy,
Itzel Orozco,
Renee Simard
Barriers and Assets for Sustainability in Japanese OrganizationsKiminori Isaka,
Yurie Makihara,
Samuel Pereda
Biltrafikens påverkan på modern stadsplanering, en fallstudie av Söderstaden, KungsbackaChristoffer Thulin
BORGMÄSTAREBRYGGAN - En studie av en offentlig plats attraktivitet och tillgänglighetNiklas Ljungberg
Building an International Cycling CommunityHyuma Frankowski,
Kate McKeown,
Joel Mulligan
Building Collaborative Relationships for a Sustainable Finance SystemJenny Bergman,
Cristina Knudsen,
Kate Seely
Building Sustainable Urban Communities: Can a common participatory space offer a solution?Frederick Ebeneku-Anim,
Ingrid Jacobson,
Margaret McRoberts,
Pierre Munyura
Business Climate Change Adaptation Strategies as Contributions towards a Sustainable SocietyJulia Toledo Ribeiro Pereira,
Sophie Dunkerley,
Timothy Nichols
Can Tourism Boost Development of Sustainable Infrastructure in Nepal? Carl-Henrik Barnekow
Carbon Neutrality as Leverage in Transitioning a Financial Organisation Towards SustainabilityTamara Connell,
Melanie Dubin,
Magdalena Szpala
Catalytic City Planning: Leveraging the Development Planning Process to move a Community Strategically towards Sustainability with Dublin City Case StudyCaroline Nolan,
Mary Ostafi,
Mélina Planchenault
Changing Climate; Bangladesh Facing the Challenge of Severe Flood Problems; A Comparison of Flood Management between Bangladesh and the Netherlands KALLOL KUMAR BISWAS
Co-creating a sustainability strategy in a Product/Service-System value-based network of stakeholdersAdrià Garcia i Mateu,
Zhe Li,
Petronella Tyson
Co-Creating Community with a Needs Based Design Approach to Urban Design and PlanningNatalie Haltrich,
Ella Lawton,
Geoffrey Stack
Collaboration for Sustainability in a Networked WorldAlice-marie Archer,
Rong Fei,
Rebecca Petzel
Collaborative Services: Communities Innovating towards SustainabilityRonny Daniel,
Sophia Horwitz,
Laura MacPherson,
Maurita Prato



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