Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Maskinteknik - Mechanical Engineering: General

3D Simulation of a 5MW Wind TurbineAbtin Namiranian
A Design of Automatic Lifted Cabinet for Elderly and Handicapped Hai An Junting Qiu You You Yizhou Zhang
A Measurement Tool for Consumption Pattern of Hand wiping Tissue PaperAchanta Srinivas
A Pre-Study of the Tearing Behaviour of the Flexible Materials-towards Efficiency PackagingMohammed Jalaluddin Hyder,
Hameeduddin Ahmed
A Reference Searching Related To Nanomaterials,Food Packaging and SustainabilityAruoture Onome Tonnie
Adhesive Intense Body StructureJavad Esmaeili
Aktiv reglering av rörelse i ryggmärgMartin Bräutigam,
Mikael Gustafsson
Analysis of autofrettaged high pressure components Amir Partovi,
Saadat Sharifi Shamili
Analysis of Loader Arm of Pneumatic High speed LoaderSuresh Arunachalam,
Mohammed Naser Farooqui
Analysis of Nonlinear systems with Zero Memory & Determination Limit of ChaosHailay Kiros Kelele
Analysis of the Behaviour of Standing Acoustic Waves in a Cubically Nonlinear Medium.Chinenye Igweokpala,
Onyema Umegboro
Analytical and Experimental Vibration Analysis of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite BeamOluseun A. Adediran
Anti-collision Equipment Applied on Truck Huan Han,
Lujun Gu,
Shaojie Lou
Anti-Legionella system för tappvarmvatten systemTomas Ahlberg
Applying Construal Level Theory to Communication Strategies for Participatory Sustainable DevelopmentD.H. Strongheart,
Florence Obison,
Fabio Bordoni
Automatic Control of Shower Equipment for Elderly People or People with Physical DisabilitiesQILIANG ZHAO,
Avfuktning för återanvändning av processluftKristofer Larsson,
Andreas Silverbris,
Stefan Yngnell
Bitumen ApplicatorDaniel Pettersson,
Mikael Lejdeby,
Inigo Oz. de Zarate,
Mathieu Delamarliere
Briband - VattendistribueringssystemMartin Lamme,
Martin Larsson,
Jonas Tidäng
Centrumlös kabelkarusellChrister Brazée,
Fredrik Johansson
Comparison of Interfacial Fluid Pressures Generated Across Common Shoe-Floor Friction Testing ApparatusesArian Iraqi
Adelere Oluwafemi. A.
Connection between ultrasonic waves and the electrical capacitance for Granite and Plexiglas.Thijs Witterzeel
Connectors and Vibrations – Damages in Different Electrical EnvironmentsTibebu Gissila
Correlation and Verification of Homogenized Material Properties for Heat Exchanger Simulations by EMA and FEAJohan Ermstål
Coupled Dynamic 3D Simulation of Short Circuit Forces PRITESH DULABHAI HADIYA
Crack detection using Non- Linear Wave Modulation SpectroscopyKristofer Larsson,
Andreas Silverbris
Crack Detection using Non-linear and Dissipative AcousticsDaniel Carldén,
Daniel Thuresson
Crowdsourcing: Using Open Modes of Collaboration for Product-Service System (PSS) InnovationAbbas (Behrad) Mirafshar
Design and Development of Sealing Solutions for a newly invented Pulp PressIsak Larsson