Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence

Application of Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Neural Network) to Assess Credit Risk: A Predictive Model For Credit Card ScoringMd. Samsul Islam,
Lin Zhou,
Fei Li
Applications of data mining algorithms to analysis of medical data.Dariusz Matyja
Artificial Intelligence: Memory-driven decisions in gamesCharlie Forsberg Hedberg,
Alexander Pedersen
Att täcka en obekant yta med Spanning Tree Covering, Topologisk Täckande Algoritm, TrilobiteJosefin Carlsson,
Madeleine Johansson
Automated Camera Placement using Hybrid Particle Swarm OptimizationMohammad Reza Shams Amiri,
Sarmad Rohani
Automated Theorem Proving - Resolution vs. TableauxAndreas Folkler
Background Analysis and Design of ABOS, an Agent-Based Operating SystemMikael Svahnberg
Classification of objects in images based on various object representationsRadoslaw Cichocki
Collision Detection and Overtaking Using Artificial Potential Fields in Car Racing game TORCS using Multi-Agent based Architecture Muhammad Salman
Complex Systems in Video Games - a literature surveyDaniel Johansson
Computer Forensic Text Analysis with Open Source SoftwareChristian Johansson
Concept Drift in Surgery PredictionAyne Beyene,
Tewelle  Welemariam
Context Aware Reminder System: Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensors Supporting Context-Based Reminder SystemsQutub Uddin Ahmed,
Saifullah Bin Mujib
Context based reminder system Supporting persons using Smartphone accelerometer dataNisar Khan,
Fazlullah Khan
Cost Justifying Usability a case-study at EricssonParisa Yousefi,
Pegah Yousefi
Design and Implementation of an Acoustical Transmission ProtocolDavid Erman
Detection of Emergency Signal in Hearing Aids using Neural NetworksVamshi Krishna Lakum,
Arshini Gubbala
Detection of Spyware by Mining Executable FilesSyed Imran Haider,
Raja M. Khurram Shahzad
Directory scalability in multi-agent based systemsShahid Hussain,
Hassan Shabbir
Distributed Data Management Supporting Healthcare Workflow from Patients’ Point of ViewTarek Ayoubi
Distributed exploration of virtual environmentsAndreas Mattisson,
Mathias Börjesson
Dynamic difficulty adjustment for roleplaying gamesAndreé Hallengren,
Marcus Svensson
Dynamisk terränggenerering med koppling till spelarhandlingarVictor Lundberg
EEG enhancement for EEG source localization in brain-machine spellerParinaz Babaeeghazvini
Electronic Contracting for Inter-Enterprise Collaboration Maria Perez
Emotion Recognition from EEG Signals using Machine LearningMohammadshakib Moshfeghi,
Jyoti Prasad Bartaula,
Aliye Tuke Bedasso
Empirical Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms based on EMG, ECG and GSR Data to Classify Emotional States Amare Ketsela Tesfaye and Amrit Pandey
Empirical evaluation of procedural level generators for 2D platform gamesRobert Hoeft,
Agnieszka Nieznanska
Evaluation of a Machine Learning Approach To Heat PredictionKenny Svensson

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