Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Distributed Computing

Document Oriented NoSQL Databases - A comparison of performance in MongoDB and CouchDB using a Python interfaceRobin Henricsson
Effect of Sender Buffer on Video Quality of ExperienceMustafa Noor,
Haris Waseem
Effective Distribution of Roles and Responsibilities in Global Software Development TeamsAzeem Ahmad,
Sushma Joseph Kolla
Electronic Contracting for Inter-Enterprise Collaboration Maria Perez
ELF-EAR, Teknik i Levande RollspelFredric Wittlock,
Magnus Hallqvist,
Paula Mutafov
En studie av SSLDejan Petrusic
Enhancing Information Security in Cloud Computing Services using SLA based metricsNia,
Ramadianti Putri; Mganga,
Medard Charles
Enterprise Resource Planning Model for Connecting People and Organization in Educational SettingsMufasir Muthaher Mohammed
Evaluating Google App Engine for Enterprise Application DevelopmentKashif Khan,
Asar Jan
Evaluation of Collaborative Reputation System against Privacy-Invasive SoftwareSalman Majeed
Examining current academic and industry Enterprise Service Bus knowledge and what an up-to-date testing framework could look likeJoakim Olsson,
Johan Liljegren
Fault Tolerance in Mobile Agents: State-of-the-Art and ChallengesBassey Isong,
Eyaye Bekele
From Chit-Chat to Formalized Documents - A Design Study of the Communication in a Persistent Multi-player Computer GameDaniel Lyrstedt,
Fredrik Gustavsson
How can business partners establish a relationship of trust in order to share Web Services?Thomas Andersson,
Anita Arnevill
How to merge virtual project room with a project management modelMarine Karlsson,
Anna Richardsson
Implications for adopting cloud computing in e-Health Pavan Kumar Bollineni,
Kumar Neupane
INTRANÄT - Ett medium för kommunikationsverktygThomas Larsson,
Ola Svensson
Investigating Spyware in Peer-to-Peer ToolsMartin Boldt,
Johan Wieslander
Jämförelse av J2EE och .NET från ett Web Services perspektiv.Andreas Areskoug
Machine learning in simulated RoboCupMarkus Bergkvist,
Tobias Olandersson
Managing network loads with agent technologyMartin Kristell
Maximum Capacity Antenna Design for an Indoor MIMO UWB Communication SystemRan Liu,
Hao Liu
Meta-Model of Resilient information SystemAdnan Ahmed,
Syed Shahram Hussain
Multimedia Security in P2P NetworksSudhir Ganti
Non-disruptive value-chains in home health careJohan Lindblom,
Jonas Rosquist
On the Scalability of Four Multi-Agent Architectures for Load Control Management in Intelligent Networks Raheel Ahmad
OpenMPBench - An Open-Source Benchmark for Multiprocessor Based Embedded SystemsYuchen Liang,
Syed Muhammad Zeeshan Iqbal
Parallel algorithms of timetable generationŁukasz Antkowiak
Parallel parsing of context-free grammarsPiotr Skrzypczak
Peer-to-peer som företagslösningMichael Waller,
Emelie Salleke

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