Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Effects on Society

Elektroniska signaturer- säker identifiering?Ligia C Brandao,
Ewonne Lennartsson
En analys av tillgängligheten på Osby kommuns hemsidaPetra Ridbäck
En digital kärlekshistoriaHenrik Olsson,
Simon Marklund
Engineering of Context Dependent Quality of Service (QoS) Khan H M Farooq
Enterprise Resource Planning Model for Connecting People and Organization in Educational SettingsMufasir Muthaher Mohammed
Examining Internet and E-commerce Adoption in the Music Records Business in GhanaSamuel Wiafe
Exploring Phishing Attacks and CountermeasuresAnders Persson
Exploring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques for Dynamic WebsitesWasfa Kanwal
Eye on the Prize: Enhancing Realism during Interaction towards Non-Player-Characters with Natural Eye MovementsDaniel Palm
FIM-The development of a Fault Injection and Monitoring application for work simulation supportVikas Sidhavatula,
Per Pascal Grube
Folkrörelser och nätverk - sociala, informativa och tekniskaJakob Persson
Fool FactoryJan-Erik Sundin,
Marcus Almén,
Johan Jonasson,
Henrik Ivansson
For Improved Energy Economy – How Can Extended Smart Metering Be Displayed? Nisar Ahmed,
Shahid Yousaf
Game Development from Nintendo 8-bit to WiiSophie Forsell
Game Theory and Bidding for Software Projects An Evaluation of the Bidding Behaviour of Software EngineersJacco Buisman
Global Software DevelopmentAndreas Hellström,
Anatoly Chervyakov
Google Kalender ur ett hjälpmedelsperspektivTeo Holmbom Larsen
Growth factors of Service based internet commerce in South Asian marketsAsif Iqbal Mohammed
Guidelines for the Deployment of Biometrics Technology in Blekinge Health Care System with the Focus on Human Perceptions and Cost FactorFalak Zeb,
Sajid Naseem
How do intrinsic and extrinsic motivation correlate with each other in open source software development?Kim Hartman
How to merge virtual project room with a project management modelMarine Karlsson,
Anna Richardsson
Human Errors and Learnability Evaluation of Authentication SystemMohammad Ali Khan,
Majid Nasir
ICT Design and Users’ Affect, Cognition and CreativityMinavere Bardici
ICT Design Unsustainability & the Path toward Environmentally Sustainable Technologies Mohamed Bibri
Informationskrigföring - den nya teknikens hotDennis Jönsson,
Ted Stålhammar
Intelligent Support System for Health Monitoring of elderly peopleSyed Asif Abbas Bukhari,
Sajid Hussain
Interaction with a 3D modeling tool through a gestural interface: An Evaluation of Effectiveness and QualityDavid Gustavsson
Interaktion i klassrummetTobias Lindberg
Invasion of Privacy: Spam - one result of bad privacy protectionAnnicka Gunnarsson,
Siri Ekberg

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