Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: General

A Systematic Review of Automated Test Data Generation TechniquesShahid Mahmood
A Taxonomy of SQL Injection Defense TechniquesDhiraj Aryal,
Anup Shakya
Accessing E-banking based on Resilient TransactionArnold Popo-ola,
Sunday Olowookere
Accuracy of Software Reliability Prediction from Different ApproachesR.Sashin Vasudev,
Ashok Reddy Vanga
Achieving Interoperability among Healthcare OrganizationsMuhammad Ehsan Mansoor;Rashid Majeed
Achieving Personalized Interoperable Patient Information Systems;benefits & challenges in Swedish contextSyed Muhammad Taha Wasti
Achieving Security in Messaging and Personal Content in Symbian PhonesAhmed Enany
Active Documents and their Applicability in Distributed EnvironmentsMartin Fredriksson
Adaptation of Agile Practices: A Systematic Review and SurveyBudsadee Kongyai,
Edi Edi
Adaptation of Software Testability Concept for Test Suite Generation - A systematic reviewPrakash Malla,
Bhupendra Gurung
Adopting Mobile Internet? Findings from a Study on Mobile Internet Services Using a User Centred PerspectiveTobias Edström,
Christian Rosberg
Agil projektmetodik - En studie av den agila metodiken och Scrums inverkan på IT-projektOscar Landström,
Oskar Odervall
Agile Methodologies and Software Process Improvement Maturity Models, Current State of Practice in Small and Medium EnterprisesVasileios Koutsoumpos,
Iker Marinelarena
Alternative methods of financing software - Replacing illegal copying with free copyingPatrik Mjörner,
Erik Bosrup
An Agent-Based Approach for Automating the Process of Charging Plug-in Electric VehiclesÜlkan Fuat Civelek
An Agent-based Coordination Strategy for Information Propagation in Connected Vehicle SystemsXin Li
An Analysis of Bluetooth Technology,Features,Future and SecurityMalik Zaka Ullah
An Analysis of Collaborative Attacks on Mobile Ad hoc NetworksCong Hoan Vu,
Adeyinka Soneye
An Architecture for Mobile Local Information Search: Focusing on Wireless LAN and Cellular Integration Sridher Rao Sidduri
An Evaluation of Gaze and EEG-Based Control of a Mobile RobotMubasher Hassan Khan,
Tayyab Laique
An experimental comparison of five prioritization methods - Investigating ease of use, accuracy and scalabilityViggo Ahl
An Instance based Approach to Find the Types of Correspondence between the Attributes of Heterogeneous DatasetsMuhammad Atif Riaz,
Sameer Munir 
An Integration of policy and reputation based trust mechanisms Muhammad Yasir Siddiqui,
Alam Gir
An Introduction and Evaluation of a Lossless Fuzzy Binary AND/OR CompressorPhilip Baback Alipour,
Muhammad Ali
An Ontology for Match-Making in Plug and Play Business Software PlatformMuhammad Salman khan and Muhammad Arif Raza Mir
An Optimisation Model for Sea Port Equipment ConfigurationGideon Mbiydzenyuy
Analys av pop-ups genererade från adwareJens Björnsson
Analys av webbservertrafikFredrik Elofsson,
Anders Larsson
Analysis of Forecasting Methods and Applications of System Dynamics and Genetic Programming: Case Studies on Country ThroughputKrzysztof Pawlas,
Davood Zall
Analysis of Social Group DynamicsStanislaw Saganowski

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