Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Informatics

HistoryLane : Web Browser History Visualization MethodIgor Chtivelband
How do intrinsic and extrinsic motivation correlate with each other in open source software development?Kim Hartman
HTML5 Web application security with OWASPDaniel Nilsson,
Hampus Åberg
Human Computer Interaction Study - Designing a Mobile Web-based Vaccination Service System Interface for Uganda in Low Resource SettingsRUI XUE
Implementing e-Government in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Practices and Challenges for the State governmentKemal Bajramovic
Inblick i fenomenet webbskrapningLars Andersson
Indoor Positioning using the Android PlatformSergio Mellado Delgado,
Alberto Díaz Velasco
Industrial Decision Support System with Assistance of 3D Game EngineMing Zou
Influential factors affecting the undesired fault correction outcomes in large-scaled companiesMehmet Selvi,
Güral Büyükcan
Intelligent Support System for Health Monitoring of elderly peopleSyed Asif Abbas Bukhari,
Sajid Hussain
Interoperability in Healthcare - A focus on the Social InteroperabilityRambabu Garlapati,
Rajib Biswas
Investigating Research on Teaching Modeling in Software Engineering -A Systematic Mapping StudySairam Vakkalanka,
SR Phanindra Kumar Narayanasetty
Investigation of Customer-Driven InnovationIkram Ullah,
Muhammad Ayaz
Involving Children in the Design of Online Peer Support for Children with CancerSusanne Lindberg
IT Process and Governance Framework Adoption in Ghanaian Firms; Extent of Progress and Influencing FactorsTruth Lumor
Key User Extraction Based on Telecommunication DataPiotr Bródka
Lean software development measures - A systematic mappingMarkus Feyh
NFC Enabled Smartphone Application For Instant Cognitive SupportMuhammad Asif Majoka ,
Naveed Tahir
PHP Framework Performance for Web DevelopmentHåkan Nylén
QoS Performance Evaluation of Video Conferencing over LTEMd.Showket Hossen,
Md.Neharul Islam
RFID Emergency System for Tumble Detection of Solitary PeopleQuanyi Ge,
Yi Chai
Security of Personal Information in Cloud Computing: Identifying and mitigating against risks to privacy in the deployment of Enterprise Systems Applications on the Software as a Service platform Paul Denys
Smarter City - A System to SystemsFarah Makhdum,
Kamran Mian
Sociala medier för att hantera kundkontakterElin Adolfsson
Study the Effect of FEC on Video Streaming over the NetworksRaya Meresa ,
Yeshiwondem Sabore 
The PACT Analysis Framework. A case study of 1177.seJoakim Reinius
Three Tales of Dominant Technological Artifacts: Tracing the Paths from Success to Domination of Software Applications with the Help of Latour's Actor-Network-Theory and Bourdieu's Capital TheoryPeter Harengel
Towards an industrial ALM (Application Lifecycle) Tool IntegrationGeorgi Markov,
Olga Druzhinina
User Involvement in In-house Developed Software : Case Study of a Nigerian Financial InstitutionAdebowale Owoseni,
Germaine Imhanyehor

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