Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Hållbar utveckling - Sustainability: Strategic Planning

Community Food Systems: Working towards Sustainability and Satisfying Human NeedsMonique Monteverde,
Katie Pease,
Anthony W. Thompson
Community Mapping & Strategic Sustainable Development: Navigating Towards A Sustainable FutureChristina Boldero,
William Paton,
Charlotte Schou
Conditions for Development of Agriculture in the Municipality of Kline, Republic of KosovoFerim Gashi
Connected Urban Development (CUD) Initiative as an Approach towards Sustainability in Urban AreasKhuloud Odeh,
Annita Seckinger,
Carina Forsman-Knecht
Contribution of Tourism to the Sustainable Development of the Local Community: Case Studies of Alanya and DubrovnikAna Beban,
Huseyin Ok
Corporate social responsibility and stakeholder management in Unilever Ghana ltdAissata Diallo,
Nana Benyiwa Ewusie
Craft Breweries and Sustainability: Challenges, Solutions, and Positive ImpactsJohn Grunde,
Siqi Li,
Robert Merl 
Cultivating a Food Movement: Slow Food USA’s Role in Moving Society Towards SustainabilityMaja Feldman,
Alli Kingfisher,
Cindy Sundborg
Cultivating personal leadership capacities to facilitate collaboration in Strategic Sustainable DevelopmentChristopher Baan,
Phil Long,
Dana Pearlman
Cultivating the Social Field: Strategically moving Urban Agricultural Projects towards SustainabilityAshley Courtney,
Brendan McShane,
Ella Wiles
Design and Decision Making: Backcasting using principles to implement cradle-to-cradleAugusto Cuginotti,
Karen Marie Miller,
Freek van der Pluijm
Designing an Organisation to Activate Cross-sectoral Mass Collaboration Towards Sustainability Andrew Campbell,
Jovin Hurry,
Maja Zidov
Designing Labs for a Sustainable FutureAna Carolina Rodrigues,
Joshua Cubista,
Rowan Simonsen
Developing an Interconnected Worldview: A Guiding Process for LearningSimon Evitts,
Brendan Seale,
Dylan Skybrook
Development of leadership capacities as a strategic factor for sustainabilityIsabel Cabeza-Erikson,
Kimberly Edwards,
Theo Van Brabant
Dipole city – Vilnius + Kaunas. Case study of urban agglomeration development between two major cities in LithuaniaKarolis Maciulevičius
Droppar i havet - Mönsterdesignens relation till design för hållbar utvecklingEmma Nygren
Effective Communication for Strategic Sustainable Development Education: The Hook and Ladder TechniqueSaruhan Utku Araz,
Michael Matulac,
Aqib Muhammad
Effects of the Post Multi-Fiber Agreement on Bangladesh Readymade Garments SectorPalash-Kishore Dey,
Md-Tawfique-Hasan Sumon
Ekologisk hållbarhet- en fallstudie över Saltö uddeSofia Anesäter Olsson
Embedding socio-ecological sustainability into impact investor due diligence.Gustavo Correia,
Nathaniel Koloc,
Naomi Smith
Energy Strategies towards Sustainability: a comparative analysis of community energy plans from Sweden and CanadaKerly Acosta,
Arash Sangari,
Jessica Webster
Engaging Action: A Systemic Approach to Communication Design of Social Marketing Campaigns for Behaviour AdoptionRebecca Dahl,
Larysa Metanchuk,
Steve Marshall
Engaging Individuals to act Strategically Towards SustainabilityKristoffer Lundholm,
Renaud Richard
Engaging Urban Communities of Newcomers to Sweden towards UNFCCC Climate Change Targets through Participation and DiversityGulderen Alimli,
Naveed Imran,
Mohammed Ireg,
Jennifer Nichols
Enhancing planning for local energy systems by the strategic sustainable development frameworkAnn S. Cassidy,
Delphine Le Page,
Sean W. Spender
Entrepreneurs as Change Agents to Move Communities towards SustainabilityLaura MacKay,
Ann Scheerer,
Tomomi Takada
Environmental Management Systems and Sustainability: Integrating Sustainability in Environmental Management SystemsPolin Saha,
Salman Ahmad,
Ashfaq Abbasi,
Masood Khan
Ethical Consumers:Strategically Moving the Restaurant Industry towards SustainabilityDuan JingJing,
Li Xinze,
Renate Sitch

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