Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Maskinteknik - Mechanical Engineering: General

Coupled Dynamic 3D Simulation of Short Circuit Forces PRITESH DULABHAI HADIYA
Crack detection using Non- Linear Wave Modulation SpectroscopyKristofer Larsson,
Andreas Silverbris
Crack Detection using Non-linear and Dissipative AcousticsDaniel Carldén,
Daniel Thuresson
Crowdsourcing: Using Open Modes of Collaboration for Product-Service System (PSS) InnovationAbbas (Behrad) Mirafshar
Design and Development of Sealing Solutions for a newly invented Pulp PressIsak Larsson
Design and experimental evaluation of micro embossing systemEmad A. Poshtan
Design and Research of Structural Health Monitoring System for Stayed Cable Bridge Based on LabWindows/CVIZhang Ping
Design of Experimental Setup for Hydrodynamic Thin Film Pressure StudyMuhammad Ishfaq Khan
Design of Modular Scania LowEntry InstepAnton Svensson,
Anna Gharibi
Design parameters for powder removal from crushed glass in a gravity separatorGustav Müller Lundgren
Designing and Implementing Process Management in R&D; A Practical Application in the Flooring IndustryAndrej Smailagic,
Sandro Smailagic
Detecting Abnormal Vibration in a Gearbox Using Time-Frequency DomainElisabeth Ibeh
Development and Validation of Dynamic Belt Transmission Model in Dymola Masoud Vahedi
Development of a Systems Dynamics model to assess the value of alternative manufacturing technologies Cheng Tao,
Chengqi Li
Development of asphalt removing tool for a tandem rollerHenrik Thorwaldsson
Development of rotatable spooling system for the cable industry.Kristoffer Hallén,
Mats Larsson
Development of Snow Removal EquipmentAli Tajallipour
Distance Laboratory Measurement of Signal Propagation in an Iron BarYunfei Wang,
Xi Zhang
Double-Sided Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape - "As a Non-Drill Solution in Bathroom Environments"Martin Nilsson Lind,
Daniel Petersson,
Erik Petersson
Driving Module For Existing Flight CartsMarcus Abrahamsson,
Christian Magnusson,
Henrik Svensson,
Xavier Evrat
Dynamic analysis of cracks in Composite MaterialsVidya Sagar Avadutala
Dynamic Behaviour of a Soil Compaction Tamping MachineJens Borg,
Anders Engström
Dynamic Characteristics of a Pendulum SystemAndrés Lorente Vergara
Dynamic Characteristics of Flexible BellowsTobias Lindberg,
Stig Mörtman
Dynamic model of freight wagonSaeed Hossein Nia
Easy functions cupboard design for elderly peopleWen Shi,
Ruichen Guo,
Shangdong Shi
Effect of Fluid Domain Remeshing on Fluid-Structure InteractionMohammed Basheer Dawood Suhail
Effektivisering av kravspecifikationsprocessenErik Hellström
Effektivisering av pulverlackeringslinje med inriktning på fixturerViktor Persson
Electric wheelchair for easy access to toilet with a lifting device for elder or people with physical disabilitiesALEJANDRO GARCÍA MAYORAL,

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