Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Maskinteknik - Mechanical Engineering: Structural Mechanics

Coupled Dynamic 3D Simulation of Short Circuit Forces PRITESH DULABHAI HADIYA
Damage Assessment in Thin Materials: Finite Element InvestigationMirza Mohammed Yousuf Baig
Design and Optimize an Automatic Medicine BoxLin Lai,
Shengmin Wu
Design and Research of Structural Health Monitoring System for Stayed Cable Bridge Based on LabWindows/CVIZhang Ping
Design of Experimental Setup for Hydrodynamic Thin Film Pressure StudyMuhammad Ishfaq Khan
Design of Journal Bearing Test RigRaajeshkrishna Ramalingam Govindaraj,
Vikrant Mehamala Satishkumar
Development and Validation of Dynamic Belt Transmission Model in Dymola Masoud Vahedi
Development and Validation of Methods for Nonlinear System IdentificationHARSHITH KUMAR NOOJI VENKATRAMANA,
Development of Snow Removal EquipmentAli Tajallipour
Dynamic analysis of cracks in Composite MaterialsVidya Sagar Avadutala
Easy functions cupboard design for elderly peopleWen Shi,
Ruichen Guo,
Shangdong Shi
Effect of Fluid Domain Remeshing on Fluid-Structure InteractionMohammed Basheer Dawood Suhail
Equivalent Dynamics Model of Ballasted Track BedSaid Daoud,
Xie Guowei,
Liu Xiaoming
Estimating of Work Hardening in Bent Sheet Metal Products at an Early Stage of Virtual Product Development Rokneddin Azizi,
Hossein Amiryousefi
Examining the quality of extruded plastic with the nondestructive testing method NAW Eva Jansson,
Seyed Saeid Taghavi
Experimental analyses on XLPE under tension and compressionfaranak pirnia
Experimental and FE Analysis of Exterior Plastic Components of Cars under Static and Dynamic Loading ConditionsHassan Faghihi
FEM Simulations of Induction Hardening ProcessHeng Liu
Finite-Element Simulations of Glulam Beams with Natural CracksSepehr Rahili Khorasani
Finite-Element Simulations of the Influence of Cracks on the Strength of Glulam BeamsErhan Saracoglu
Finite Element and Experimental Analysis of Function of Plastic Clips Mohammad Mahdi Honarpardaz
Finite Element Modeling of Dynamic Properties of Power Supply for an Industrial ApplicationMostafa Mohammadnejad,
Mahdi Ghazvini
Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis for Hydrodynamic Parameters in Semi-Submerged Axisymmetric Buoy Mohamed Salim Ramadan,
Sorawan Saichua
Fluid Jet Polishing of Glass MaterialAlireza EsmaeiliAmin
Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis of Planar BuoyRakeshbhai Patel,
Muhammad Adnan Hanif,
Rajev Kumar Oad
Fluid Structure Interaction Modeling of the Dynamic of a Semi Submerged BuoyShatha Hameed Hajwal,
Hamza Zeidan Nasser
Fluttering Analysis in Wind Turbine Blade Prabaharan Elangovan
Fracture Analysis on a 3 Point Bend Specimen by Cyclic Imapct LoadingHu Xiangping,
Shreenidhi R Kulkarni
Fracture failure and influence of process parameters, material selection and moisture content on weld linesKamlesh Rajasekaran

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