Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Mathematics: Probability and Statistics

Mobile Satellite Communications - Channel Characterization and SimulationTaiwo Seun Ajayi
Model for conflict resolution in aspects within Aspect Oriented Requirement engineeringFaysal Hameed,
Mohammad Ejaz
Modeling the Behavior of an Electronically Switchable Directional Antenna for Wireless Sensor NetworksGeletu Biruk Silase
Monitoring the volatility in a process which reflects trading in the financial marketAlaba-Femi AWOMEWE
Numerical Aspects of Extended Curve of Growth Rehan Butt
On The Performance Of Two-Way Amplify-And-Forward Relay NetworksLe Nam Hoang
Optimal Solutions Of Fuzzy Relation EquationsUzair Ahmed,
Muhammad Saqib
Optimal System of Subalgebras and Invariant Solutions for the Black-Scholes EquationZahid Hussain,
Muhammad Sulaiman,
Edward K. E. Sackey
Parameter Identification for Mechanical JointsSreenivasarao Manchu
Performance Analysis of 3-hop using DAF and DF over 2-hop Relaying ProtocolsFaisal Mehmood,
Muneeb Ejaz
Performance Analysis of Cognitive Radio Network over SIMO SystemIqbal Hasan Haider,
MD. Fazla Rabby
Performance Analysis of Diversity Techniques for Wireless Communication SystemMD. JAHERUL ISLAM 
Performance analysis of dual hop cellular networksMuhammad Adeel Islam,
Khan Ahmad Shah
Priority Queuing Based Spectrum sensing Methodology in Cognitive Radio NetworkSajid Mahmood / sajiduet84@gmail.com,
Mujeeb Abdullah  / mujeeb.abdullah@gmail.com
Probabilistic Analysis of Quality of ServicePeerachai Kaowichakorn
Single Channel Speech Enhancement Using Spectral Subtraction Based on Minimum StatisticsMd. Zameari Islam,
G.M. Sabil Sajjad
Software Reliability Prediction – An Evaluation of a Novel TechniqueBjörn Andersson,
Marie Persson
Spectrum Sensing Techniques for 2-hop Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks: Comparative AnalysisAtti Ur Rehman,
Muhammad Asif
Statistical Assessment of Uncertainties Pertaining to Uniaxial Vibration Testing and Required Test Margin for Fatigue Life VerificationDavood Dehgan Banadaki,
Sunay Sami Durmush,
Sharif Zahiri
Statistical Modelling and the Fokker-Planck EquationOwolabi Abiona Adesina
The Evaluation of the Gaussian Mixture Probability Hypothesis Density Filter Applied in a Stereo Vision SystemSoheil Ghadami
The Evaluation of Well-known Effort Estimation Models based on Predictive Accuracy IndicatorsKhalid Khan
Using Multilateration and Extended Kalman Filter for Localization of RFID Passive Tag in NLOS Iyeyinka Damilola Olayanju,
Olabode Paul Ojelabi
Video Quality Evaluation using NR metric with Detection of Frame Dips and DropsVydik Mopidevi
"You can cut sync, you can´t cut feel" Ett djupdyk in i trampets världHenning Lymar



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