Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Software Engineering

An Evaluation of the Usage of Agile Core Practices - How they are used in industry and what we can learn from their usageCarsten Dogs,
Timo Klimmer
An Experiment on the Suitability of RAM for Test Case DesignHong Wu
An experimental comparison of five prioritization methods - Investigating ease of use, accuracy and scalabilityViggo Ahl
An Exploratory Study on the Relationship between Software Management and IT Service ManagementSelvakumar Ramachandran,
Lavanya Santapoor
An Imitation-Learning based Agentplaying Super MarioMagnus Lindberg
An Introduction and Evaluation of a Lossless Fuzzy Binary AND/OR CompressorPhilip Baback Alipour,
Muhammad Ali
An ISD study of Extreme Information Management challenges in IoT Systems - Case: The “OpenSenses”eHealth/Smarthome project Johan M Karlstedt
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service CatalogMd Forhad Rabbi
An Ontology for Match-Making in Plug and Play Business Software PlatformMuhammad Salman khan and Muhammad Arif Raza Mir
Analysis of the application and integration of methodologies by software development companiesAdam Soliński
Analys, design och implementering av Orbit ones dokumenthanteringssystemBjörn Hylander,
Johan Håkansson,
Martin Johansson
Analytics-based Software Product PlanningFarnaz Fotrousi,
Katayoun Izadyan
Analytics for Software Product PlanningShishir Kumar Saha,
Mirza Mohymen
Analyzing Suitability of SysML for System Engineering ApplicationsSaleem Zubair Ahmad
Android Elastic Service Execution and EvaluationRamin Heidari
Android: Resource Consumption in Native and Web ApplicationsChristoffer Cortes,
Adam Krauser
Annulering av ogiltiga certifikat i Public-Key InfrastructuresChristoffer Nilsson
Användarinvolvering i ett systemutvecklingsprojekt -Är det effektivt?Thomas Sörensen,
Teresa Hedström
Application of LEAN and BPR principles for Software Process Improvement (SPI): A case study of a large software development organization Umair Azeem Ansari,
Syed Umair Ali
Applications of data mining algorithms to analysis of medical data.Dariusz Matyja
Applying COCOMO II - A case studyDarko Milicic
Applying Interaction Design in a Software Development Project: Working out the general user for Messaging SystemsTherese Westerlund Karlsson
Applying Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for Software Quality AssessmentWan Ai Goh
Applying Six Sigma in Software Companies for Process ImprovementLong Zhang,
Adnan Rafiq Khan
Appropriate Web Usability Evaluation Method during Product DevelopmentAzeem Umar,
Kamran Khan Tatari
Are Students Good Proxies for Studying Professional: A Systematic Literature ReviewSharat Chandra Kotakonda,
Ranjith Engu
Are we ready for Agile Development?Daniel Barke
Arkitekturer i operativsystem: en fallstudie i monolitisk och micro kernelAndreas Hjortsberg,
Kristofer Frederiksen
Assessment of the Microsoft Kinect v1 RGB-D Sensor and 3D Object Recognition as a Means of Drift Correction in Head-mounted Virtual Reality SystemsAdam Nilsson
Association rules analysis for objects hierarchyPrzemyslaw Pietruszewski

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